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    It’s about time they were arrested. Hope the FBI can shut them down so that additional people cannot be scammed, changed the name to VO Financial.

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    These people scammed my parents out of about 45,000… Parents were lead to believe for 45,000 their debt with the timeshare would disappear… In actuality they just bought another time share… They probably bought the new deed off of ebay for like 10$ and sold it to my parents for 45 large. These people are crooks, and I hope they go away for a very long time…

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    Sandra Smith

    These people and their fraud company scammed me out of $14,000 and had me docu sign a contract to cancel my flagship timeshare that I still owed money on and replace it with another one that would be paid off. I ended up with 2 timeshares, one paid off with these people and my original one that I still owed money on. Do not trust them. They are liars. When I googled their name I found this artical and contacted the FBI right away and gave them copies of everything I had from them. If you have done business with this company there is a good chance you were scammed too. You may contact the FBI at 609-677-6400 to find out if you were scammed.

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