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    TO: HOA Board Members
    From: Someone who knows better
    Subject: Collection agency B.S.

    Attention, Reklama, Hear all about it…

    These guys only want to get a piece of your receivables. By contracting these 3rd party collection agencies, you walk away from a significant piece of your collectable debt. If the debt is collectable you can have a resort receptionist mail out threatening letters, make random phone calls and send emails. No one is hiding, they just refuse to pay your inflated maintenance fees.
    Solution: Stop spending, employ rental agents and procedure to utilize your inventory and occupancy rates and hire in house agents to resell inventory. Stop chasing bad money it is a waste of time. Your old budgetary projections were devised in the 90’s, 80’s and even in the 70’s, change or your declarations will soon cease to exist and your HOA’S will be forced into bankruptcy.

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