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    You gave me a great idea so if you hear from anyone let me know so I can sell the developer tours too!

    I’ll open up a marketing deal inside some convalescent and retirement communities and send them all the 68, 69 and 70 year olds with walkers, wheel chairs and IV’s etc. that they can handle (LMAO).

    Believe it or not I once worked at a track that people who were 70 were a ‘Q'; and so help me God some of those tours were pushing their 80’s!

    An no, I’m not anti-age; and will be (hopefully) in that bracket soon enough.

    But when I raised the issue with one of our VP’s Bob told me one of his famous war stories about how, back in the day, he personally sold a 79 year old grandfather 4 weeks (one for each of his grandchildren) and that Gramps paid $50-K cash too!

    I said that was great! And then proceeded to tell Bob to have his OPC’s get out there and round up all the Granny and Gramps who are still healthy, still have a positive outlook on life, haven’t already traveled (everywhere) and who really do love and adore their grandchildren and have the “$50,000.00 cash”; and then ‘COUNT ME IN’!

    He just turned and walked away but starting the next day he had our room SM Jerry bury me on the line even though I was always in the top 20% of the producers!

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    i love Fridays.

    Why? So I can log on and read yet another “Slam Dunk” by Scoop. Scoop knows the industry like the proverbial back of his/her hand–and tells it like it is. The amazing–and pitiful–thing is that Scoop still has to do this. And it’s because 99% of the high-priced sales room manager jockeys are riding a dead horse–and won’t change horse they’re riding in spite of the facts.

    Like Mark’s story above, Resorts, ascribe to the “an Up is an Up” paradigm, tour 20-25+ of them, get a sale from a 79 year old tour and it’s “See, we TOLD you old people buy!!” Or, Resorts tour 25-28 couples (pick a number) making 45,000 a year, which Resorts still have as a qualification today–and was the minimum qualification when I first started selling Timeshare in Mexico back in 1988 (that’s 24 years ago)–and it’s the same thing “See, we TOLD you our qualifications are good enough!” And, then they let the gross exception prove the rule.

    This could go on forever.

    Anyway, another absolutely spot on analysis of the Resorts–and the Industry mind-set. Like in any organization were maintaining personal turf, protecting fragile egos and defending decisions already made no matter proof to the contrary, the Status Quo is paramount above all.

    And, although your columns are terrific, I’m absolutely positive you’re wasting your time.

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    Nice article, but what has changed?

    This could have been said back in 2000 when I started in the business and since then, I’ve been called every bad name in the book.

    The old “an up is an up” and “some will, some won’t” thinking has been in place for many years and I see no evidence that it’s going to ever change.

    I agree with Van…your columns are terrific, but I’m fairly certain you are preaching to the choir. We who read this and agree with you have no power to change anything.


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    My heart saddens when I read or hear people think nothing could be done about anything.

    As a U.S. Citizen the first group that comes to mind and who didn’t think that way or have that attitude and mindset would be those 56 signers of the U.S. Declaration of War in 1776 (you all know that document as the Declaration of Independence); the youngest being 26 (Edward Rutledge) and the older ‘guy’ coming in a 70!(Benjamin Franklin).

    Things today would be a whole lot different if they hadn’t done what they did; which was too: “…mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”—which they did!

    And that small group who stepped up to the plate, officially starting the whole deal and laid it all on the line only represented about 0.00224% of the colonies population (then) estimated to have been around 2.5 Million people.

    And for the record, there was no shortage of “loyalist” to the ‘Crown’ who vehemently opposed the war and the separation from Mother England.

    I am quite sure that among those loyalist there were some who said:

    “I’m absolutely sure you are wasting your time” and others, perhaps after they read that formal Declaration might have commented to friends or thought privately: “We who read this and agree with you have no power to change anything. Sigh.”

    We in the TS business need only look within to understand why some things that need to change don’t.

    So “Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead!” and while we’re at it let us all “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!”

    Happy 4th of July to all!

    P.S. And for all you who don’t want to lead or follow then kindly get out of the way because for the last 236 years or so a lot of people have paid dearly so that you could be free and determine your own destiny:

    “The battle of Iwo Island [Jima] has been won. The United States Marines, by their individual and collective courage, have conquered a base which is as necessary to us in our continuing forward movement toward final victory as it was vital to the enemy in staving off ultimate defeat…. Among the Americans who served on Iwo Island, uncommon valor was a common virtue.”

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