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    Could not agree more. The system doesn’t work and yet they keep up appearances. “Taking a tour” is not the answer for this industry.

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    The real problem is, as it always has been, the quality of the tours.

    Developers are playing the numbers game and lots of bodies are far more important than a tours income, more important than their traveling lifestyles, more important then there age, more important than anything!

    I believe that is how some of the products we sell came about too.

    Over many years we had taken hundreds of thousands of tours who can’t afford even the down stroke on a life long Timeshare plan or wouldn’t use one if they had one and instead of changing the way (and to who) we market developers started coming out with far less expensive products such as EOY deals, Exit deals, limited year deals etc.

    In one way that makes sense but since it takes the same time, investment and energy to solicit a more qualified tour that will generate much larger sales contracts then it doesn’t make any business sense at all.

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