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    Let’s address–and do away with–the central point immediately: A company using the ARDA logo to gain credibility for the company–and instill a sense of security and confidence in prospective clients–when they’re not a member of ARDA is obviously a designed to con the customer.

    Now that that’s been said, let’s consider whether using the ARDA logo when a company is a member of ARDA is a designed to con the customer, which in my personal opinion it most certainly is. The motives are the same, only the participants are different.

    In both scenarios the ARDA logo–and ARDA’s vaunted “Code of Ethics”–which is designed to both claim credibility and pretend credibility actually exists–is most impressively displayed on a “plaque” (available at extra cost) with empty self importance by the company and the issuer alike. ARDA does nothing to enforce it’s code of ethics or assist the client after the sale is made even if–and when–the “ethics” of the “code” are violated.

    The ARDA logo, it’s written Code of Ethics and it’s aforementioned plaque is for sale. They’re products. Any Timeshare company can simply buy these products by paying the going rate. No bond need be posted. No enforcement is forthcoming. It should not be lost on anyone that the credibility and sense of security and confidence these products are designed to create are available to anyone with the cash–no strings attached.

    What this industry could have done over the years–instead of being self-satisfied with what it’s done lately–given an effective and meaningful consumer protection and enforcement ethos by a trade association dedicated to meaningful action over and above congratulating itself–is a litany of lost potential and multi-millions–or billions–in revenue thrown away.

    The annual ARDA Gee Whiz Shebang ain’t called “The Love Fest” for nothing.

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      Well said, Van the Man! Author! Author! Applause applause!! Bells, whistles and horns!!! LMAO!!!

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    Say what you like about ARDA; but I think they do a lot of good as well.

    The key here are the mooches, thieves, liars, cons and bottom feeders to cheap to at least pay the dues and become a member of an organization they use to profit from.

    I also agree that those demand letters should be sent out as well because not to do anything (which seems to be the case) sends the message that ARDA could care less who uses their logo & name which devalues some of the reasons other company’s join ARDA.

    Lastly, there are many ARDA members who are not developers, not TS marketing companies, not resale deals etc. and if anyone here bothers to actually read the directory of ARDA Members they’d know that and many of those company’s are household branded corporations who provide invaluable products – services to businesses and consumers alike.

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