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    It could be that we’ve simply grown from just a couple conventions each year around the world too oh so many throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia and Down Under that and it isn’t practical to attend or sponsor them all.

    On the other hand I was told by a closer whose been around a long time that RCI use to also hold a annual convention for the top dog marketing and sales PROS and that went by the wayside during the boom years.

    Times – they are a changing.

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    Mike makes a good point when he mentions the “oh so many [conferences] throughout the USA, Canada…that it isn’t practical to sponsor them all” However, that being said–and not to be too reactionary, I think this one example of the Ragatz Conference being cancelled–and especially the list of the previous sponsors opting out–might just be a “canary in the coal mine”.

    Really, how many of these things (conferences) can one go to and really actually learn something worthwhile and usable? How many of them can one attend and take away enough applicable tips, procedures and methods that will actually improve the bottom line? (1) What, do they reinvent the wheel (no, not that “wheel”) at these things so there’s really something new and usable? Or (2) are they predominately a place where one can “see and be seen”? The correct answer is number (2)

    The current model of Timeshare Sales and Marketing is dying, and quickly. The patient entered Stage 3 about 6-8 years ago and didn’t seek treatment when it should have–by gaining improvement for the health of the Industry by what was available by using the Internet. The patient entered Stage 4 about 4-5 years ago by still refusing treatment–from the same Internet –and letting the sickness progress. The Industry will wake up…when it’s in a coma.

    Let’s talk straight, if we may. Ask yourself one simple question: Why would anyone with any sense buy a Week or Points from a Developer at retail–at today’s absurdly inflated prices–when they can take at least an equivalent , or better and cheaper vacation–with NO upfront purchase price at all–by using a Travel Agent, Priceline, Orbitz or especially

    Or, go to a little something called the, ready?….. “Resale Market”

    Expect more cancellations of conferences as time goes on.

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    Dear VTM,

    Although I agree with some of what you’ve shared I’m also thinking that you are missing one aspect of the larger picture.

    AND that you maybe you are one of those veteran reps whose still stuck in the antiquated method of selling shared ownership properties the old fashion and most assuredly out of date methods.

    If you (anyone) are still using the T pitch (benefits/features etc.) that has been around since the 60/70’s then I’d agree with your example of not buying directly from the developer.

    On the other hand, all around the world there are excellent top/high-end shared ownership properties (timeshares, points etc.) that should only be sold, first and foremost, as a vacation home; and all the other crap is just icing on the cake!

    This is especially true when selling onsite in places like the Florida Keys, the Hawaiian Islands, Most of Mexico and the Caribbean etc.

    In case you (anyone) don’t know or get it yet; there is no requirement to exchange; hence there is no need to pay the exchange companies their exchange fees and annuals etc; plus there is no requirement (usually) to pay any extra money for an inner exchange at your home resort for a different time of year etc.

    And the ones that have a rate it is most often modest.

    Take if for a test ride VTM.

    And when you get your next sales guest and they ask ‘…is this timesharing…'; you’re response could be: “…not really Lilly and Elmer. What you’ll preview today is a way to own a vacation home here (Tahiti) without paying a couple hundred thousand dollars and that you can use every year and vacation with your family and friends. But that was a great question guys; Are you folks interested in traditional timeshare plans (and then shut up VTM; and let them tell you)?’

    The bottom line is this (onsite sales):

    If the tour really likes the region, if they really like to vacation there (anyway) then why not own their own vacation home (there).

    Now get out there VTM and make us all proud of you and sell a couple million bucks worth this month.

    You’ll be glad you did because not only will you be helping out your clients the commission checks will make life a tad more comfortable as well.

    A true Win Win deal and it works for MOI!

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    There will always be sales pitches that work better than others. However, this version doesn’t begin to address the systemic problems in the shared ownership industry.

    You still have to have leads and then prospects.

    The fractional industry appears never to have shaken the pathetic image of timesharing, despite its hearty effort to rebrand and differentiate.

    The top experts in the industry have voted with their feet–I think one could safely conclude that it’s over. There are no more buggywhips being produced anymore either, so it’s not like products and services don’t disappear over time to lack of demand. That appears to be what we are witnessing.

    I think it’s appropriate to say to the Shared Ownership Industry: Rest in Pieces.

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    Speaking of systemic problems; those are pretty much the same issues that have been around since day one and until that changes (don’t hold your breath) things will remain the same.

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