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    I’d be willing to bet a couple grand that Siegel doesn’t have the balls to respond, in writing and here to your comments!

    Good One!

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    Way to go Dave. I saw your e-mail all over the net, (here too) in news papers across the country and on TV and radio.

    It’s bad enough what people think about our industry and here you come along a Billionaire who made your fortune of your owners and now you’re telling 1/2 of your WG owners and 1/2 of the electorate, about 50 Million give or take, that YOU are against them, their views and nominee.

    Sure glad I’m not taking any WG tours because some of them will surely be teed off now knowing you are on the extreme right.

    Didn’t you ever learn Dave that it is always best not to discuss religion and politics with your sales guests?

    If any of your closers or liners started talking about religion or politics on the tables and alienated even one of those tours you’d surely fire them on the spot!

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    30 Year TS Veteran


    Although one may question the wisdom of coming out in favor for against another candidate, one cannot question his right to do just that. To suggest that Siegel was intimidating his employees while merely stating his feelings as the sole and 100 percent owner of the company the facts are simple. He is NOT alone! Steve Wynn Trump and other job creators (oh sorry…I mean evil capitalists) have publicly stated the same sentiments.

    The fact is we have NEVER had a more anti business (large or small) president in the modern age. This is an irrefutable fact sir! Now before you write me off as a right wing partisan I am anything but. I am an independent who leans toward libertarian more than conservative Republican. We absolutely NEED transparent government oversight of Wall Street and other large industry’s that operate on the basis of the public trust! But this Presidents administration has not been opaque or covert about their distrust (bordering on public disdain) for noy only small and big business in general, but for those job creating producers in our society that has embraced the ides of life liberty and the pursuit (aka the American Dream). He has purposefully and publiclly promulgated the innate sense of jealousy that exists in some for those that may be more successful than us. His division and class envy rhetoric which vilifies those whose meritocrisy through hard work have resulted in financial freedom ply into the lowest common denominater amung us sir.

    Obama has been shameful and divisive in serving to further polarize we the pele. When Jefferson wrote that “ALL MEN WE’RE CREATED EQUAL THIS DID NOT ASSURE EQUAL OUTCOME FOR ALL! End of day all voting is done in private (unless of course it is a union vote with card check). Ech may vote according his his conscience and beliefs. Siegel will not know how each voted. But as you said you fought for his right to express it. And express he did! AND great thanks for your service for the cause of freedom sir. AMERICA IS THE LAND OF THE FREE…BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE. 30 YEAR TS VET

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    Romney says, and I quote, he’ll create 12 Million new jobs during his first term.

    With 365 days per year and for four years (his first term) that means he has 1,460 days do accomplish what he and Ryan guarantee they will do!

    That means that from the day he would be inaugurated Romney/Ryan will have to have policies in place, legislation passed etc. that will create 8,220 new jobs every single day (seven days a week); or in the first 30 days they’ll create 246,575 new jobs.

    Great, I’m ‘in’.

    But if Romney/Ryan don’t accomplish that the first 30 days and another 30 days goes by then now they’ll have to create 493,150 jobs by the 60th day and if it goes another month or say six months passes, and it will, then they’ll have to have created 1,479,600 new full time jobs during their first 180 days in power.

    Great, I’m in!

    Now I wonder what sort of jobs are going to be created within that first 180 days?

    Will they be $89.00 per hour gigs, $62.00 per hour ones, $38 per hour, $22, $17, $12, $10 or $2.25 per hour like a wait person is paid, under the law, in Oklahoma?

    And by the way; Siegel never did say how many new jobs he would put into the kitty, what raises he had in mind for his people or….

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    Good point Mel.

    When I watched the VP debate Ryan kept saying how there are 25 million unemployed or under employed or those have just given up looking for work.

    If R/R are elected and they hit their mark of creating 12 million new jobs that means that other 13 million (52%) will be S**t out of luck for at least another 4 years.

    Maybe there was something to that Romney statement about not caring about the “47%”?

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    Here’s just a thought about the “47%” who pay no federal income tax, who Romney describes as moochers who refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives.

    Romney made a point of saying many times that he himself paid all the income tax he was legally required to pay. Good for him, that’s what everyone should do.

    Guess what? The 47% ALSO paid all the income tax they were required by law to pay, including some 3,000+ people who averaged $2.2 million in earnings but paid 0 (zero) income tax.

    So where’s his beef?? It’s OK for him but not for everyone else???

    PS: With his $20 million in “earnings”, how many jobs did Romney create last year?

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    I’m not an Obama fan by any means but what I find odd on this blog is that timeshare reps can’t read that Romney is obviously a card carrying phony!

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