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    Congrats Scoop and The Gate!

    Love reading you guys each week and by the way I love Mexico too.

    Worked there for a couple seasons a few years back and am thinking about going back down for this upcoming season too!

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    Long time reader first time comment.

    Wasn’t sure who to ask but has The Gate ever thought about adding a Who’s Who in the buisness area?

    Just a thought because it would be fun to post our names, photo’s ad a short bio.

    Enjoy your vacation and have lots of those Vitamins too!

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    Have a great vacation and when you return let us know all the particulars.


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    Congrats to everyone involved.

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    Thanks for everything you guys do.

    I check in every day to see what what is happening in the biz.

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    Just remember eveyone.

    Life is short and vacations are even shorter.

    Sell someone a vacation deal today and improve their brief existence.

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    This site is a great source for information and I too read often.

    Have a very thankful and happy Thanksgiving!

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    I want to work in Mexico and e-mailed scoop but the answer was ambigious and was only told that there are a few really great deals there and a lot to avoid. Scoop said is was a policy that prevents recommending any deals and since the ones to avoid were also not mentioned I guess that is a policy as well.

    So, does anyone know where the money can be made this high season in Mexico and in which area?

    Been down a few times over the years and am sure the lifestlye will be a perfect fit so if anyone has any tips or info let me know.

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    You can make good money in Mexico this time of the year.

    Some places like Cabo and PV you’ll make good money all year long.

    I’m heading back home to Vallarta this coming week and am all pumped up for the season.

    Buena Suerte!

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