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    I agree with so much but will only comment about the income deal.

    Any developer still paying for tours in the $40,000 to $50,000 gross annual income range is a nut job and has lost their minds!

    Any SM or PD who insists these are good UPS is likely kicking a kick-back from marketing.

    Any front line rep, closer or f/b’er who likes low income tours ought to go work on a used car lot somewhere.

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    Let’s put aside our manners just for the time it takes to post a quick comment –and take an objective look at just how stupid these self-congratulating, Psycho-Motor Nightmare Timeshare Developers are:

    We could pick any time frame, of course, but I’ll use 1989 because that’s when I started in the business in Mazatlan, Mexico. Why else pick 1988? Because I clearly remember the the PD telling me–23 years ago– the “ups” had to make at least $45,000 dollars to qualify in order to tour. O.K fine. So, here we are–23 YEARS LATER!–and there are, believe it or not, Developers who are still using $45,000-$50,000 (let’s not quibble) as a minimum cut-off for tours

    What’s the CPI Index comparison for $45.000 then and $45,000 in 2012?: $88,024

    Here’s a tip: High-end Factionals–in a high traffic and highly desirable location–with realistic income qualifications? Maybe. Working on the line at a old-school, straight Weeks/Points Timeshare track in this economy? Questionable career decision and mediocre income…and more grief than you should put up with.

    Waiting for the average Developer to get their sh*t together, respond to reality and the time it’ll take to achieve any meaningful and bankable improvement? Financial stupidity. The Timeshare Industry has missed the boat, been asleep at the wheel and completely mismanaged it’s opportunity. BILLIONS have not only been lost–but thrown away. Bail out. If I’m allowed to post on this site again, I’ll tell you what I really think.

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    But how do you really feel VTM!

    Not all developers have such low income qualifications; MVC has, I think, around a $75,000 annual income requirement.

    But income requirements and having one or two credit cards is not enough.

    Tying the telemarketing rooms and the OPC’s programs to a mostly commission based income plan would help greatly.

    Sadly, in places like Orlando, Vegas (and more) there are boiler rooms calling up just about anyone across the country who’ll answer their phone and then offer them a 2/3 or 3/4 stay for $170.00 (quickie in Vegas, Branson, Orlando, S. Ca etc)

    The telemarketer get about $50 ‘if’ the tour shows and is ‘Q’d'; but they earn no commission and could care less about sales.

    Street OPC’s are a bit better because some still get a slice of the pie when the tours they send in buy; but that (commission) is being cut down and will likely go away soon.

    Standing by VTM to see if you’re allowed to post here again and read what you really think! (LOL)

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    Chill out people.

    Sure, some changes are long over due but give me a break.

    Show me anywhere else I can go to work in the morning, get a tour and have a shot at earning a couple grand with just one sale and I’ll quite this business and go there.

    NOT: I love what I do, what I sell, who I work with, where I work and most of the tours I meet.

    It is a fun business and if you’re at the right deal and earn the cash spiffs that is great too because that is just is walking around money and, at least in my case, is spent in any manner in which I so desire.

    My suggestion for anyone that isn’t happy where they are is to look at their own lives first and check that out before you moan and groan about the job.

    And if you fine your life is fine then look at where you’re working and if that deal sucks move on to a better deal.

    It’s all pretty simple; if we just allow it to be so.

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    RB is right on the mark and it is “all pretty simple”.

    There are plenty of good deals around and some worth relocating for too.

    I’ve been in many sales rooms over the years and if your can’t read the room in less than a few minutes and know what their deal is, how they operate, the kind of tour flow, the management style and what not then you have much to learn in this business.

    Here, we rock–have hardly no turn over–go front to back, have great management and are paid CASH spiffs. and huge commissions per deal

    And on the front to back deal; why give away upwards of 1/3 of the commission to a front end rep when most the time, as the closer, you have to resell the whole deal anyway?

    Make it simple and continue enjoying the ride; that’s my policy!

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