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    With a means test then I’m okay with the $65,000 income but without a means test then I’m for $75,000 +!

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    30 Year TS Veteran

    A very cogent and well articulated analysis on the state of our union in 2013 Scoop. Spot on indeed. After 30 years plus i now find myself having to leave my home, family, and indeed country to travel to open sales decks in Europe, and the Far East to earn close to what I one did. But happy to be doing it and more grateful than ever in fact.

    Blessings on the new year to you Scoop and all of our fellow Shared Ownership compatriots! Good selling on ya mates…

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      Happy travels to you, TS Vet. I hope you have a prosperous 2013 and get back with your family soon and often!

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    I’m with 30 Year TS Vet and I too am heading abroad.

    I’ve worked in Mexico before and made a lot of money and should have never left.

    This week I’m off to the DR to check a deal out and if it is as good as I’m led to believe I’ll let you all know and stay there at least for the season.


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