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    When I first read this I started to think you lost your mind.

    Sitting here drinking a cup of coffee and while watching the tube a commerical came on for the very TV show you mentioned (Family Feud) and then I changed my mind as decided why not?

    I think fhe format and host or hostess would be the hard part to figure out but with a really good TV game show formula with a VO slant would be fun and popular!

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    newnametoprotectthe innocent

    Decades ago I presented to major resort developers the concept (and prototypes) of customized board games that were designed to simulate the experience of families on vacation. The game squares represented the property itself with depictions of the units and amenities and the local area and its attractions. I created “grab-bag” cards with “experiences” typical of a vacation day. For example. “Spend half day fishing with your son. Earn 50 Fun Points.” or “Stay up late watching a great old movie while the kids are asleep in their own room. Earn 25 Fun Points.”

    The object of the game was to spend 7 days (via 7 trips around the game board) and see who accumulated the most Fun Points. There were lots of other aspects to the game–all of which were designed to focus on the positives of the vacation experience at the specific timeshare resort.

    There were optional add-ons to the game including the use of the game as a kind of sweepstakes entry vehicle through which only those who played the game and could answer questions based on it would have a chance to win an actual timeshare interest, etc.

    I never got to second base with anyone because they could not see how the game would “generate a tour.” Despite my pleas that it would be a great gift to new owners to solidify a sale, and as a referral tool to sit on owners’ coffee tables, both at home and on-site, I got nowhere. No one saw it as an interactive attempt to tell our story to consumers in an experiential way, which was my point.

    Times have changed; simulation games are a multi-billion dollar on-line industry. Why the industry hasn’t tapped into this is a mystery to me.

    Your idea has merit, but it would still be ripped apart by media critics as a wolf in sheep’s clothing attempt by a corrupt industry to fool consumers. But I would still pursue it. Because everything else has failed.

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    Your game idea, New Name To Protect The Innocent, sounds interesting and fun too and I also like the idea of a TV Game Show that Scoop suggested and if there was such a timeshare game show I don’t think anyone would have to worry about critics.

    It’s all in the packaging!

    This morning I was watching TV and had the travel channel on and the program I saw was the “Top 10 Caribbean Beaches”.

    People are interested in travel and I sure they would have watched the program if it was the “Top 10 Timeshare (or Vacation) Resorts”.

    Packaging, Branding, more Packaging & Branding. That’s the ticket!

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    The game show, the board game, lots of things are great ideas. I’ve proposed my fair share of them as well.

    The answer is always the same…”how many tours will it generate?”

    NOTHING is going to change.

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    I agree. The captains of this industry are all going down with the ship. The public has been educated and the new buyers of timeshare are simply the dumbest and least informed people left on the planet if they continue to fall for the old stuff.

    There are fewer and fewer of them left.

    A great concept that was to provide high quality, recurring vacations has been totally corrupted by the bogus points systems, floating week systems, and all the other greedy tricks that add no value for the consumer.

    Now we are witnessing the fleecing of the original buyers by the “get rid of your timeshare–just pay us” companies.

    That’s why I say that there is virtually no PR initiative that can resuscitate the industry.

    Timeshare is this century’s “Edsel.” Except that you could sell or scrap the Edsel.

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    As far as I am concerned any buyer today of just about any product or service that cost more than a few hundred dollars who doesn’t whip out, on the spot, their hand-held gizmo and check on prices, competition, product and consumer reviews etc. before they shell out the cash or sign on the dotted line deserves what they get and how much they paid!

    There are still outstanding timeshare resort projects and ownership use plans well worth their retail selling price but on the other hand there are a whole lot of dogs out here as well.

    Who really knows what it is all going to look like just a couple years from now but I suspect the industry will be (more) consolidated, more independent developers will be out of the picture and only a small group of the Giants will survive and control the future of TS ownership with highly specialized use plans and higher-end properties, services etc.

    I also suspect the exchange companies, in time, will be toast as those Giants will have no need for them because they’ll have (and have) inner exchange deals and ARDA will likely be gone as well.

    It never had to end this way.

    Past and today’s players have caused their & our demise and they will continue on doing what they have all the long until they bleed every last drop of blood (dollars) out of the cow’s carcass before they finally close down & head off into the forgotten sunset enjoying their golden pastures & laughing their asses off!

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