A Joyful Noise

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    I’ve seen the results with my own eyes. I use to work in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and the guest had to take about a one hour ride in a bus from Cancun to get to our resort.

    When they arrived, after the grind back home, the airport security checking in for their flights back home, the long flight here, then getting through the maze of hawkers and OPC’s at the Cancun airport and then the bus ride; by the time they showed up at the door steps of our beach front resort they were not very happy campers.

    That is until they walked into our open air lobby when all of a sudden as they looked out towards the beautiful waters of the Caribbean and the sound of the waves lapping onto the shore and seeing other guest relaxing and having a great time around the pool or on the beach; then like clock work they would lower their shoulders about 5 inches and with a smile on their faces they would sometimes make a sigh sound of pleasure as they soaked in the scenery.

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      Sounds great!
      But did they BUY? :)

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