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    Agreed 100%!

    I responded to one recently on Craigs List.

    They wouldn’t give me any real info over the phone and when I went to meet this clown the offer was a whopping $10 per hours salary for a 36 hour work week.

    The commission was bogus plus no cash spiffs.

    Turned out they “haul the trash” (…newly wed and nearly dead…) and if you don’t hit their numbers each week you only get paid the salary which is (gross) a lousy check for the week of $360.00 and after deductions means you take home around $270.

    So I didn’t go with them but read all the ads posted here and did land with another developer and they are the real deal with double digit commissions, SPIFFS, benefits etc.

    My advise to everyone is to stay away from developers that treat reps like crap with low pay and go with the developers who have the better quality tour flow, better management and pay the reps what we’re capable of earning!

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    Most of these developers use the revolving door down the road method.

    Some developers will hire just about anyone to be a liner knowing they are so gullible that they’re bound to write some deals for a few weeks or a month or two and then when they blank, and blank they do those liners are tossed out on their ears and the cycle starts all over again with another bunch of green-peas.

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    My belief is the issue has multiple tiers.

    When HR does the hiring they only follow guidelines. They aren’t really trained to know who is a good sales person and who is not.

    The developers make policy; they delegate the hiring authority, if they have no HR department, they pass along policy and guide lines down to senior management who then passes the responsibility along to PD’s, DOS, DOM’s or SM’s and MM’s.

    That group, at least what I’ve witnessed so far seem to hire reps that fit a certain mold and mostly it seems to match their personalities.

    I have solid YTD sales numbers, references, no personal maintenance issues (no drugs, don’t gamble, don’t drink and save my money) and sometimes when I have interviewed with a SM or PD it is apparent they are simply not interested in bringing me on board.

    It is all odd.

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