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    Scoop. You will undoubtedly get the e-mail or posting from some sales manager who hasn’t sat on the tables in 20 years and tells you (us) the story about how he once sold a 72 year old mortician (undertaker) who bought 12 weeks (one for each his grandchildren)…!

    The only thing I can say is that if they still believe that Jibber-jabber (or gibber gabber) then instead of wasting time sharing their comments here they should rush their entire marketing or sales staff to the nearest convalescent hospital or retirement home and start making a killing (LMAO)!

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    Most timeshare accommodations are deluxe 1st Class; but developers continue to market them as a Greyhound (bus) vacation!

    If developers would replace marketing to the broad masses of quantity and replace that with marketing to the broad masses of quality they (and all of us on the line) would see sales, revenue and profits go through the ceiling!

    But they mostly don’t get it and surely don’t believe it because so many of them have never sold (anything) to the general public in the first place and that absolutely applies to the very product they build, manage, market and sell!

    Pretty weird when you think about it!

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