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    You shouldn’t be suggesting such gibberish!

    Before U know it reps will only want tours that are cohabiting, in their mid 20’s and have a college debt load to income ratio of 8 to 1.

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    If you “take one for the team” each week that is 52 times a year; or 260 times over 60 brief months.

    If you normally close 30% but get stuck with those 260 NQ’s then you lose 78 Deals.

    If your average deal is $16-K that is $1,248,000 in lost volume.

    If you are a front to backer and are paid 12 pts. that is a lost income of $149,760.00

    If you are a closer only and are paid 6.5% that is a lost income of $81,120.00

    If you are a liner and earn 5% that is a lost income of $62,400.00

    Conclusion: Up the income requirements or pay us for taking low-income tours.

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    I agree 1,000% about increasing the annual income!

    What I don’t understand is why so many developers don’t seem to get a clue.

    I know there are some kick backs going around; well at least in Mexico where I just returned from the season.

    Down there PD’s and SM’s get them even though the OPC’s are double and triple selling the same UPS to different resorts.

    One of the last couples I sold for $32,500.00 came back the next day and tried to kick and I found out that the same OPC who brought them in the day before brought them back to cancel.

    Now I’m up in the US looking around for a place to call home where the tours are earning a decent living and I find some developers here with tours only needing a $40-K income.

    Unfricken believable!

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