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    I couldn’t agree more with the need to adjust to the personalities of each prospect.

    Reminds me of a tour I had recently who was a real butt, rude to me and cold to his wife during the presentation.

    This guy wanted to be in the drivers seat at all times so since I’m a Front to Backer; I let him do so and at the same time I controlled his steering.

    Through the process I could see his wife really wanted the lifestyle we provide and he just kept sitting there with his arms crossed and in his authoritative way kept debunking the perks of ownership.

    I never argued or debated his position.

    Just kept going, sometimes agreeing with his negativity and then I nailed the SOB when he let it be known how much he loves all sorts of fishing.

    I too love fishing so I zoomed in on all the great locations in the network and how, now get this, if the family didn’t want to go fishing with him on any particular vacation he could always go it alone.

    “Just think” I said, and while showing places in the USA including near his home, Mexico, Florida etc., “all the great places you can drop your line and get away from it all” (and I kept hammering on that).

    I even showed him some vacation photo’s I carry in my kit of me fishing the Baja!

    Like a Blue Marlin, I hooked that puppy and reeled him in.

    It was a fight, took a couple hours to land a small deal but when he left he still thought he was in control and when we stopped on the way out (so he could use the restroom) the humble Mrs. thanked me greatly.

    She too was happy and in time I’m sure hubby will take her and the kids on some wonderful vacations.

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    Scoop said: “…and quite frankly I’ve worked side by side with more than a few sociopaths…”

    Well, there’s no need to get personal.

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    Now that was a scream VTM!

    I’m betting and not counting the UPS; among the boots on the ground in our business we’re running a ratio of 10 to 2 of crazies; with the those two (2) whack jobs salivating and chomping at the bit eagerly willing to stab everyone else in the back including lying, cheating and stealing just to get ahead.

    What is odd to me is they seem to pull it off all the time which makes me wonder about the developers and their reasoning, thinking and illusions…

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    Hey, I sold that widow!

    But it wasn’t $25-K; it was $7,000!

    And she only pulled out the down stroke (cash) from her purse; not a shopping bag.

    No one hundred dollar bills; it was all ones, fives, tens and twenties that were are crinkled up.

    She wanted to go to Branson, not Europe; and she hated her kids and grandkids too!


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    Developers reasoning and thinking?

    Most only look a the bottom line, the VPG and every thing else is on cruise control.

    They run the machine that way and be damned with improving the process and procedures.

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    This post makes me sick. Suggesting that the only reason someone doesn’t buy a timeshare is because they’re a sociopath?! What about the ten billion other reasons not to buy a timeshare: i.e. not being able to afford it, not wanting to buy something they know they won’t use, etc.
    You’ve got to be kidding.
    This whole post is disgusting.

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    WOW “What?!”

    Not sure I just read what you read but I don’t think the overall topic was about

    the only reason someone doesn’t buy a timeshare is because they’re a sociopath?!

    As for those “ten billion other reasons not to buy a timeshare”

    You did name a couple legitimate ones (affordability and lack of use); but other than those there really aren’t that many more reasons and certainly not ten billion.

    Not sure if you are a consumer or maybe a liner who is not doing to well.

    Whoever you are I just wish you good luck and suggest you chill a bit.

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