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    For the past decaide it is true what you say about new owners getting onine and kicking.

    It is a real bummer because we are often the last to know and then we lose the commish too.

    You said

    There is however a ‘cure’ to all this – always has been – but most developers will continue to refuse to adapt to the ‘times’ – they’ll continue to play the numbers game – while they let their reps take the brunt of the assault resulting in more loss of income

    But you didn’t say what that fix was! Why hold out on us? We can use all the help we can get!

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    Just the AMF & EF on a TS studio or 1 bedroom is costing the owner as much as $1,000.00 for a week so part of this so called cure would be to lower all the costs!

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    For those who pay attention to the absolute truth laid bare in this article–and objective enough to accept that truth when it’s clearly offered out on a silver platter–this is a wake up notice of monumental importance. The technology to allow consumers / tours / “ups” to do what Scoop is suggesting is already here. The mind-blower is that it will advance to the point of enabling everything Scoop suggests far faster than most of us realize–or even want to think about.

    What WILL Developers (and the
    self-congratulating ARDA) do in response–and to prepare–for this inevitable new reality? Probably the same thing they did in response to the last runaway freight train bearing down on them–and which could be seen coming from a long way off–with a big flashing neon sign on the front saying, “Warning. Get Ready: Here Comes The Re-Sale Market !!”


    Let’s be honest. Buying Timeshare “at retail” from Developers stopped making any financial sense years ago. Retail prices have long exceeded any rational or financially justifiable value. When this massive and new group of tech-savvy potential Timeshare buyers (the next runaway freight train bearing down) hits the doors of the Sales Centers, the crash is gonna be real loud–and there’s gonna be carnage.

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    Paying retail has never made any sense.

    Last year we purchased a new Chevy right off a dealers lot.

    First they had their sticker price.

    Then they had their on sale price.

    Then they had the Invoice price; meaning they’d take the loss if we paid the dealers invoice (cost).

    Then we settled on $1,200 below that price and we bought the car but not until we had some free upgrades included.

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    I’m not having that much of a problem because i sell my deals clean and when I button up the deal I make sure my new owners know all about the whiners online and the resales, the scammers etc.

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