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    Been reading for a long time; first time I’ve posted.

    From what I’ve seen the big name developers do a pretty good job treating their owners in the manner they should be treated.

    I’ve worked at several resorts around the world and from the front desk to security, maintenance and housekeeping etc. there is room for improvement but I don’t blame these people because they’ve never been told that owners paid the big bucks to vacation there.

    Most of the service employees just think of all guests as another ‘x’ dollar per night run of the mill tourist who’ll never come back.

    Maybe if there was a modest service employee of the month spiff like $100 for whoever gets the most compliments that would help.

    Just a thought.

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    30 Year TS Veteran

    Very well written as usual Scoop. Whilst I agree with your premise fully it all comes down to training of the hospitality side of our business. I am in Vilnius Lithuania and running decks in Tenerife, and Berlin and our issues are the same as yours sir

    Finding good people and paying them well to serve our Very valuable owners and members who believed and bought into the dream that we sold them. To take quality holidays and feel like a king…as they SO rightly deserve.

    Cheers…from across the pond

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    I agree with the spiff idea because most service people at timeshare resorts (motels, hotels too) aren’t paid that well in the first place.

    I also agree with better training.

    As for HOA (sold out) properties.

    There is a big need for improvement there and especially at the older TS’s.

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    What do you expect in a nation of hundreds of millions watching their favorite TV shows like Honey Boo Boo – The Bachelorette – The Apprentice – Dancing with the Stars – American Idol – Naked and Afraid – Keeping up with the Kardashians – America’s next Top Model – The Big Losers – Real Housewives. The list is endless. Google ‘it’ and you’ll be as shocked as I was to find out just how many programs there are like those mentioned.

    We become a country with a lot of mindless zombies so no wonder they did such a job broadcasting the new baby born to the Royal family in another country.

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