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    I suppose drugs are out of the question (LMAO)?

    Good advice Scoop and you are also spot on about the limited number of good delevelopers still around where an actual career can be realized.

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    Now that was funny!

    without being the obvious and obnoxious ‘management butt-buddy’

    I’ve seen all sorts of AK’s do just that to either get promoted or in the case of love lines to get all the good shots.

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    Happy Labor Day All!

    I use to know a guy but can’t remember his name when I worked in PV. He wore a gold Rolex and everytime he couldn’t close the deal he’d take off the Rolex and with it in his hand he’d extend his arm so that his hand/watch was a couple inches away from the tours face and then say someting to the effect that his watch cost more than that timehare plan they couldn’t afford.

    Itr was something like that but it really teed off the tours.

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