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    Agreed. Sold RTU in Playa del Carmen for many years. I loved it and so did the buyers.

    In Playa our dip was 30% plus the closing costs (varied) and the average deal was about $20,000 for a two bedroom for 25 years.

    After being up in the USA the past couple years I’m heading back to Playa this coming seaon.

    Much better deal all the way around.

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    “If I should die before I wake”??? OMG!!! The worst prayer EVER! It should be OUTLAWED! Parents should go to HELL for teaching kids such a thing!!!!

    That prayer scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. DIE during the night? Why would God do that? What did I do that was so bad? Every night the Amen led to big time bargaining with God. If you just let me wake up in the morning I’ll be soooo good, I’ll do this or that, you know the drill lol. Nevertheless thy will be done, Lord (but if You could see your way clear please don’t kill me while I’m sleeping!)

    IT MADE ME AFRAID TO GO TO SLEEP!!!! lol Thanks for the memory, I think….. 😀

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      PS: Nice column, Scoop. You’re right on the mark! :)

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