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    Big Bubba is Coming

    They got just what they deserve.

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      you are wrong and dont have any clue what you’re talking about

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    Don’t think wife really knew extent of hubby’s wrongdoings

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      Don’t kid yourself. She was quite clever

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    How do you know that?

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      I know her personally & she is garbage just like he is. Former crack head, stripper piece of work. He’s certainly a piece of shit but don’t let her fake pearl wearing scam fool you. She’s a waste of space!

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        You’d be suprised. I know both of them more than you ever will. To be completely honest, you’re the “piece of shit” She has never been a crack head. She was a stripper to make money to support her young daughter. She’s certainly not fake and has never scammed a soul. You sir are a waste of space. Get knowledge over the couple, then come respond.

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