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    Your Nick reminds me of closers I’ve worked with over the years and when they’re called to a liners table they take a quick sniff and if they think there is no deal to be had the burn the UP and contineu skating the room.

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    I concur. You have to pitch the best tours the same as the worst ones and by doing that every time and as I learned long ago my average sale and commission increased.

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    An African American Brother who recently attended a diamond resort pitch by a woman who claimed that MR. Cloobeck thinks of her as his aunt. She talked of Mr. Cloobecks father as taking her under his wing and helped her through a nasty divorce allowing her to stay at his home and watching her children as she did her job. She had a ring from the jockey club on her finger and said that She has only one of three made and it was presented by Mr. Cloobecks father. My friend did not buy but posed three questions. One was what dose here life story have to do with time share sales? Does Mr. Cloobeck know about this silly woman is doing this and if he does , has he no shame? Is this woman actually his mother, the brother wonders as they look so muck alike!
    The Knower

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