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    And… never ends, does it?

    Timeshare Developers continue–in countless ways–to sabotage their success continually. They think they’ve got it together, if all you do (and it’s what they do all the time) is look at what they’re doing right–and ignore what they’re not doing right)

    For example, they’re in love with pointing out the gross volume of the track–and refusing/ignoring to deal with everything else. Like tour qualifications, VPG, hiring policy, love lines, incompetent closers and managers, heat merchants, absolutely ridiculous price increases (does any objective person still think the true cost of a Timeshare week makes any sense at all?)…and on and on.

    Bottom line (pun intended), they refuse to accept responsibility for the Multi-Billions of dollars left on the table over the years by the screwed up, mindless, and flat-out rookie mistakes they put forth and continue to use and follow.

    All you have to do is look at aggregate market penetration rates after the 40+ years that this industry has been in existence. Has it even reached 4% yet? Developers only look at what they’ve accomplished, not what they should be accomplishing.

    It’s all about being purposely self-satisfied.

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    Many of these BS timeshare ads are just like you said.

    I saw one today:

    Six figure income. Previous sales experience is not necessary

    LMAO – What a bunch of losers!

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    Right you are VTM; couldn’t have said it better myself!

    It seems that the only way most developers ever really increase their volume is by opening up new resorts or sales centers but not from improving what you pointed out.

    All is well if they hit that magical number (VPG) and to hell with fine-tuning the process to generate even more revenue from the same reps and tours etc. without an increase in costs.

    Just doesn’t make any sense to me.

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