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    And then “win just one for the Gipper” LMAO!

    That was hilarious; with the hilarious part being only if you are far removed from those types of developers and managers.

    The developers who hire or promote these types of managers and allow or encourage that behavior; it is because they only look at the VPG (bottom line) and if that # is met then it is be damned with everyone else.

    Over the years I hung my hat at a few of these shops and often when I’d come into work and see someone not on the line that particular day I’d ask my manager where’s Joe-Blow?

    I was usually told something like Joe was a weak p*** and I sent him packing. Or that he (Joe) couldn’t cut it and didn’t have what it takes…

    Sometimes he was spot on and other times he was as wrong as wrong can be.

    I no longer work for those types of developers.

    And anyone working at one of those body-shops ought to move on elsewhere because there are other developers and their managers to work with that are better then the clowns!

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    Oh so true Dan!

    It’s gross negligence, incompetence and poor managerial skills.

    Most become blind as bats once the numbers are hit.

    Go up a few notches on the VPG and you are lucky to get a thanks; go down a notch or two and you ARE fired!

    It’s a never ending cycle.

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    Bitch all you like but the plain truth is that if when most developers hit the numbers nothing else matters. Never did and never will!

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