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    I doubt if this info will help you win friends and influence enemies Scoop (LMAO).

    Because – drum roll please – I would argue that ultimately it is the TS buyers who reimburse the developers’ marketing expense because those costs (sales commissions, etc., too) are traditionally factored into the ‘selling-price’ anyway!

    And this probably won’t be helpful either.

    Besides, if that money did come directly out of your ‘private stash’ most of you would have surely improved your ‘marketing’ madness methods and ‘heat-pitching’ selling techniques over the past nearly 50 years. But to date most have not, and that speaks volumes regarding this week’s brief moment of introspection.

    To funny!

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    30 Yr. T/S Vet

    Damn Scoop…Don’t hold back, tell us what you REALLY think!

    (Sad, but SO true sir). Nice article as always…

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    I agree with what has been said and I too want the developers to make as much as they can.

    But so do most of us and that is why the commissions need to be raised.

    A flat 20% for F/B’s and in a TO deal the liner is paid 5% and the closer gets 15%.

    Plus a pack with the split the other way around.

    Developer gets 17%, liner get’s 3% and the closer or F/B’er gets 80%

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    I’m new and don’t know what you mean by this pack thing?

    Can anyone post a reply here for me so I can understand?



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    Good question Brian.

    The simple answer.

    If the developers’ bottom line price for ‘X’ unit(s) of time is say $12,000 and the closer can sell it for $13,000 the pack is the difference of $1,000; and that is where the split comes into play.

    Down in Mexico and other places this is also done with closing costs.

    In Mexico ‘closing’ is often a matter of the secretary simply logging the deal(s) into the company computer at the end of each day for inventory control purposes etc. so there really isn’t a ‘closing’ like in the USA etc. and there are no real closing costs like in the Sates because they all mostly sell RTU (Right To Use) club type deals in Mexico for around 20-25 years.

    Many years ago, for example, I use to work at Pueblo Bonito in Cabo and we’d charge a $1,000 closing cost to each new owner.

    The closer was paid $250 out of that (the split) and of course that was on top of commissions earned; and the House (PB) kept the rest ($750).

    Hope this helps.

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