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    Good Morning All. Love this weeks diatribe!

    When 85,000 out of every 100,000 Tours DON’T BUY it is an understatement to say something is rotten.

    You would think the goal should be the other way around; upwards of 85,000 of every 100,000 Tours DO BUY!

    Oh well, NEXT!

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    Ah, I love it when Scoop occasionally lets loose and blusters out with a rant/diatribe/tirade/broadside–and just a plain common sense–Valentine to the Timeshare Industry in hopes that someday, please, someday, the collective dullards finally get the picture.

    The best bet is this: keep hope eternal.

    Here’s the latest bit of “wisdom” from the over-paid and mentally under-gifted chumps that have been put in charge of marketing for the industry that can’t manage to provide a program–and attract a qualified audience above a pitiful 4% that would allow them to live their dreams–after 40 years of “trying”:

    Notice the “No Credit Card Required” notation:

    [Sorry, we had to pull the link; no free ads. However, it was an ad for OPCs that indeed said “No Credit Card Required”.]

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    You’re killing me!

    a non-main-stream multinational media conglomerate without a biased agenda. – the good people on ‘Vixen and Twerps’ – not-for-profit political action committee ‘Concerned Great Grand Parents For A Better America & Concealed Weapon Permits’

    What I can’t believe is that there are developers out there still taking $40-K (income) tours and sometimes the tours don’t even need a credit card to be qualified.

    And yet those developers are as happy as pigs in you know what with a low VPG of $1000-$1,400!

    Go figure.

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      Well, I’m not sure exactly what you mean–I’m sometimes a little slow–but remember the real reason they do what they do:

      With the “commission only” compensation model for Salespeople–which is totally illegal–it’s free labor and the imposition of the “courtesy tour”. And they’re still willing to spend $300-$500+ to tour totally unqualified people.

      Until that changes–Industry wide–there’s no change whatsoever.

      Keep at it, Scoop (and the rest of us), at least you’ll die knowing you fought the good fight.

      You know how Developers preach how Salespeople are afraid of hearing “No”? The Developers are absolutely terrified of a “tour” going to another Resort–any other Resort–so they let anyBODY walk in the door.

      What an incompetent business model. Slightly less than 4% market penetration–after 40 years. Unbelievably incompetent.

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        Tsk, tsk Van. Market penetration is almost a whopping 7%.

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    I use to work for Natasha.

    On the wall behind her desk she has the following in a cast iron triple matted frame.

    Whatever it takes to get whoever you can to attended the pitch is our only job.

    We are NOT in the timeshare business.

    We are in the body snatching game and that is all we do.

    It matters not if anyone buys anything because you are paid on shows only.

    So drag ‘em in, pull ‘em in and do whatever it takes to make them attend.

    And if they are border-line qualified show them how they were mistaken and lead them to believe they actually have a larger income then they thought.

    Push the gifts, keep them confused and every time they ask if this is a TIMESHARE push more gifts and work their greed.

    Their greed is what gets you paid so use it!

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    Hey there Scoop. Are you trying to imply that TS reps are thieves? NOT!

    “Tours that have as much of a probability of purchasing one of my highly desirable, sought-after and treasured timeshare plans as does one of my TS reps has acquiring, legally that is, a superyacht equal to my cherished $65 Million 300 ft. ‘EndlessFun&Funds’?”

    I do however agree that income qualification needs to be increased.

    I think $80,000 is more appropriate.

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    If you have talent and work with the right developer with the right Q’s then you can pretty much write you own ticket and make a very good living, raise your family, save, invest and plan for the future.

    As for the T Q income.

    I know people making $60-$70-K per year that have more extra money to spend each month then people earning $100-K and of course it can be the other way around too.

    But I would never work anywhere where the income Q is less than $50-K and I’m more comfy here where we have a $65-K Q.

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    Not sure what you are all talking about here.

    I am new to selling timeshares and had a couple yesterday that bought.

    Jim is a janitor working the graveyard shift and his wife Paula is a secretary for a glass company.

    They both earn about $12.25 an hour and they both work a full 40 hour week so between them they’re making a decent living plus they only have 2 children.

    Todd, my closer, sold them a EOY plan for $8,350 and Todd told me he gave them a 24 month option to upgrade their points at today prices.

    Though they could only put a $495 down payment using their two debit cards Todd also told me they’ll be able to pay the balance off in about 30 days and that their monthly payments won’t start until 45 days from now.

    Plus Todd got special permission from our sales Manager Karl to put off their 2014 AMF of $895 for another 30 days after that.

    So I had fun, made some new friends and earned $250.50 for a seven hour day.

    As I said, I’m new but this is so exciting and I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow (today was my day off) and make another sale.


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    Welcome to the business Pam.

    I’m glad you are excited as you should be because it is a great business.

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