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    There you go again with your bleeding heart crap about sales guest qualifications (LOL).

    Kidding aside, when I first read this and having been a commissioned closer all my life my thought was NO WAY!

    But then I realized that isn’t such a bad idea.

    I love big commission checks!

    But I also hate it when payday rolls around and there is no check, or a really small one.

    So the idea of a steady paycheck that I can count on every payday that also lets me plan my expenditures, needs etc. is actually appealing.

    Plus shooting for the annual bonus is also appealing as long as the target is reasonable.

    Count me in!

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    It will never happen.

    It probably should and it makes all the business sense in the world but the mentality is not there because most developers, large medium and small just think of liners and closers, at least in my experience, as a necessary evil.

    Plus I’m thinking when they read your article that $75-K annual salary probably created some instant chest pains, shortness of breath and cold sweats as they sat there reading in total disbelief and disgust.

    Sadly, they’d probably have the same reaction to a much lower base salary at $50,000 or a low substandard one of $25,000.

    But not to worry gang because once science and technologies create a real life looking and acting android that can be programed to sell F2F we’ll all be toast anyway.

    So cash in now and save for that rainy day!

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    Speaking of a salary; you all will laugh at the one I just came across.

    It was an ad from CB placed by an employment recruiting (“staffing”) company for a TS developer in the Orlando area; but they didn’t name which developer.

    Sales Coordinator. Starting pay $12 per hour. Four (4) hours per day and they prefer everyone work seven (7) days per week. Start this coming Friday.

    So even working a 7 day week that is a whopping 28 hours: $336 per week ($17,472 per year).

    But the ad also said they might consider those who could only work five (5) days a week: $240 per week ($12,480 per year).

    No mention of commissions, spiffs, bonus.

    Just the salary, no benefits; putting that cost on to the tax payers to subsidize the developers sales staff and force them use the ACA.

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    one of the problems is quite apparent, is that structure as above will make the ftb’s quite limited in there income. What motivates top front to backs is instant gratification , not hoping for a yearly gift/bonus that beats every one else.
    only the average reps will like this program of pay.

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    Respectfully BJ, I disagree with some of your position.

    Speaking for myself as a F/B pro who is always in the top % the bonus idea doesn’t have to be annual and could be a quarterly if not even monthly one.

    I believe the point to the salary is to have a decent and predictable paycheck every pay day and if the salary is sufficient and the bonus is achievable and applies to all that hit the mark then I myself would not turn down such a pay system.

    What I like the most is that my cash-flow would be predictable and even when I blank every so often I still have a respectable check waiting for me each pay cycle – as it should be.

    And I’m also sure this sort of pay system would force many developers to improve their’ ‘Q’s’ for sales guests and that too, I believe, would increase sales for us all.

    Besides; what is there to lose doing this? I can’t think of any down side unless a developer hires no-talent’s.

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    It all depends on who you work for.

    I know front to backers only getting 7 cents on the dollar (7%); some are getting paid 8 cents, some 9 cents and some more.

    I know T/O’s only being paid 5 points while the liner gets 3 and other’s get a little more and some a little less.

    The bottom line is MONEY and I’m all for commission ONLY but for front to back it should be 25%; and for liner/closer a split somewhere along those lines.

    The developer will do just fine at that level plus they get the AMF’s that are profit structured, often the interest, the rental income, upgrades and more.

    Yep, I’m down with 25% commission paid in full weekly!

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    Why are we even having this debate anyway?

    We all know, with few exceptions; developers have been throwing it all against the wall to see what sticks since the beginning.

    The UPS, The Training, The Liners, The Closers, the Sales/Marketing Management, The Front 2 Backers, The Heat Merchants, The OPC’s, The Premiums (gifts), The Deposits, The Room Host/Hostess, The Prices/Drops, The Closing Costs, The Love Lines, The Liner Call, The Spin To Winner Crowd and more!

    But you’ve got to admit and give them credit because they’ve (developers) made some serious money doing just that.

    And if any of you think things are going to change, like a competitive salary, then I have a really Cool Bridge to sell you and all you have to do is make a good faith, but modest deposit, of $30,000 and send that to me through my PayPal account to get the ball rolling. You know, to cover the taxes and transfer costs etc.

    Get Real People!

    It is a Dog Eat Dog business we be in! Always has been, Always Will be!

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    As long as TS salespeople are on a commission only basis, timeshare will NEVER improve its image. Despite what most of the TS sales ‘professionals’ will state loudly, its very rare for anyone to sell the tour what they really need and its nearly always what the sales person feels comfortable selling…either the cheapest thing going or what ever the DOS has decided should be on special that week.

    Bring in the salary, and keep some commission, but it has to be based on the feedback of the members as to how much money someone makes. I too have sold a low season week to someone that should have had 2 weeks peak…but I didn’t care at the time as I had bills to pay and mouths to feed. I doubt anyone will have the courage to do this salaried change as it would then put a real cat among the pigeons when it comes to the marketing and qualification of the tours that are seen. Marketing vs sales has always been a bit of a sore subject and this would for sure make it deal breaker.

    After 25 years of working in this business I am a little tired of the sales animals thats timeshare attracts. If the whole industry had done it right at the beginning then we would all be making pot loads without the stigma and the need to close or should I say hoodwink.

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    First let me say all of you includingthe writer need to learn the compensation laws. He advocates working 48 hrs a week, can’t be done as those 8 hours would be considered OT and the way the OT rate is calculated would mean the rate would be somewhere near the $80per hr rate. Next, The average reps at major TS companies don’t make $75k, so why would you make that the base pay??? Lastly, what do you think drives slaes people, it’s that feast or famine mentality. And as a Finance person I can tell you if there is a base salary, the bonus percents won’t be anywhere close to what they are now. Reason, those months when the rep doesn’t make any sales, well they have to avg. out to 12-13% of total sales….

    BTW, TS reps are some of the highest paid salespeople in the world. Comparing yourself to car salespeople that;s no way to try and get backing. I would say the only higher paid is a medical device rep, just casue the item cost so much. A TS rep doesn’t have to go out and get their own tours or inventory it is all brought to them by the mean developer…

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    Nobody said anything about “mean developers”.

    This is business pure and simple.

    We, as sales reps, like developers, are in it for the MONEY too.

    Yes, we like what we sell, we believe in our product but we, like all businesess everywhere including charities, churches, hospitals, mechanics, lawyers, government employees and whatnot or motivated by MONEY!

    If you believe in anything else then you are simply living in a Norman Rockwell world – but being that you are a “finance person” probably not!

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    I do not believe that:

    It’s that feast or famine mentality that drives sales people!

    I believe it is what has already been said here.

    That we love what we do, we are very good at what we do, we are dedicated, we are loyal, we believe in travel and vacations, we believe in our company and our vacation ownership plans and we also like making a good living.

    So a decent and steady salary with a decent bonus plan does not seem to be unreasonable or to much to desire.

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