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    The red alert is a good idea.

    I responded to a closers wanted with timeshare experience ad on CL last month and it turned out it was to work in Tijuana for a very large Boiler Room doing exactly what you said.

    When I spoke with Raul over the phone it sounded really appealing and the money was good.

    They offered commissions, spiffs, bonuses, housing and a guarantee (for the first month) but when I started asking the hard questions I could smell something was rotten because I knew better when they basically tried to pitch me the same way they’d pitch owners.

    I passed of course!

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    Great idea. This is a crutial time. I’ve shared this story with owners and will continue to do so.

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      Or it could be a crucial time…depending on if I proofread or not.

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    If everyone did as you suggest it might not stop it entirely but it would sure slow it down dramatically and that would be a good thing.

    Sadly, I don’t think developers etc. will post the red alert or e-mail their owners because to many can’t look past their daily VPG’s and as long as sales are being made today to hell with tomorrow.

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    I too don’t think the industry will respond accordingly but you wait until one of these hackers gets all the credit card info of a developers owners and then ransack, ravage, pillage and plunder (charge) all those credit cards and then and only then will developers do what is right.

    I can see the headlines; just like what happened to Target.

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    Update: I never post here but on rare occasions and this is one of those.

    A reader sent me an e-mail just a few minutes ago; I’ve redacted some of the info so that it isn’t an add for this ‘entity’ that is advertising this on CL etc. – and I’ve abbreviated the developers (resort) name and left one out completely.

    They can be purchased w/a credit card…. instant access – so it is implied.


    37,000 WG
    140,000 SB
    14,000 CR
    85,000 WR
    62,000 ER


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    It’s a real world.

    Just recently Bitcoin’(Mt.Gox) was hacked, Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem was hacked, the U.S. Federal Reserve was apparently hacked, Tesco was hacked, Neiman Marcus was hacked, Sears may have been hacked, your laptops with webcams are being hacked and just about everything else out here.

    But not to worry!

    The Timeshare is immune to any such activities!

    Just like from stock market crashes, global financial chaos or crisis, Recessions, housing slumps, high unemployment, low-wages, etc.

    Why we are resistant to everything so I see no need for a red alert. Pure waste of time.

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    I saw an episode on CNBC’s American Greed last night about hackers; who had developed a scheme the hackers themselves dubbed “Operation Get Rich or Die tryin”

    I was amazed at the ease (if you know what your are doing) and the technology.

    This guy Albert Gonzales & with the aid of a couple buddies ultimately hacked into and stole 170 Million Credit and Debit cards from various brand name companies including one of the largest credit/debit card clearing or payment houses in the U.S.A. (Heartland Payment).

    Pretty scary stuff.

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