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    We have owned a Penthouse Suite for almost 10 years. Our maintenance fees have Sky Rocketed to over $3400.00 per year. For a number of years we have not been able to reserve a time to stay for dates we have chosen and have ended up losing our annual week.
    Almost every time we phoned ahead ( many times several months in advance ) we were told our chosen dates were not available.
    We then had friends call to see if they could book a room for the same dates and they were told, yes they had rooms available for the exact same dates.

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    Bobby K.

    Yes ! It’s about time ! My sister and I inherited the manhattan club time share from our parents estate after they both parished in the 1998 Swiss air 111 plain crash. We have gotten the run around from day one ! They have also jacked up our annual fee to over $2000. We lost our entire 7 nights last year (2013) simply because they had no dates available. Yes , a total scam ! We can stay at some pretty nice hotels in manhattan for at least 6 nights and on our schedule for the cost if the annual fee. We can’t give this place away ! It’s terrible and wrong ! I would hope that we all be compinsated some how for many years of nothing ! BOBBY KOKORUDA

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