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    You mean that owners who are checking in should not have to be shuffled from the check in desk to the “parking pass” desk where they’ll immediately be solicited for a “resort overview”?

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    You pays your money and you takes your chances. NEXT!

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    I got your “mindset” dangling right here Scoop.

    ‘teaching’ the full scope, reality and depth of the actual TS vacation lifestyle and experience Vs the open rental market.

    Reality – NEXT!

    this new generation of honest to goodness 100% believers in what they are actually selling.

    Reality – NEXT!

    specifically when compared to similar high-end upscale accommodations around the world that millions of travelers are eagerly and enthusiastically renting without being beaten into submission.

    Reality – NEXT!

    where more sales guests will see, appreciate and acknowledge the real value of being an ‘owner/member’; and that translates into more sales and revenue for ‘all’.

    Reality – NEXT!

    and there is an ever increasing number of upscale accommodation and hospitality choices worldwide that are a mere ‘click’ away for all travelers — and many of ‘THEM’ already know that, my friends.

    Reality – SO WHAT – NEXT!

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    I’ve only been selling timeshares for the past 4 months so I’m not sure if Larry, Art & Lisa are being sarcastic.

    For 2 years before selling timeshares I was working as a front desk assistant night manager at a 110 room hotel in the Bay area of San Francisco and my boss insisted that we treat every guest as if our incomes depended on them enjoying their stay and would come back again in the future.

    So, now, that is how I treat all the timeshare tours I meet and they seem to appreciate it very much.

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    And that is exactly how you should continue to work, Paula! Good for you.

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