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    It will be some developer who’ll be convinced by their accountant and lawyer that bringing in a robot on a trial basis as a liner will save money on commish and bonus and they’ll also have a recording of everything the robot and tours discuss which will protect the developer from any claims of misrepresentations.

    Then when that liner is working as programmed they’ll get another robot and replace the first VLO.

    Once the VLO is programmed and producing the next step will be to replace the first Podium Speaker.

    Then, in time, they’ll replace all the human liners and VLO’s and start on the closers and those in lower to mid level management.

    Might as well replace the room hostess and the gift and contracts personnel too. And yes, the street OPC’s.

    Just imagine the huge annual saving’s on salaries, commish, over-rides, spiffs, bonus; and the savings on benefits like retirement plans, paid vacation time, paid sick leave, required days off, maternity leave etc. serious money that no developer will, sooner or later, ignore.

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    It use to be science fiction but it is true that new androids (robots or synthetic organism) are being developed with flesh-like skin and are being designed to look and act just like humans.

    Considering how many corporations are always looking for low cost labor sources and create jobs off-shore in places like Mexico, India, China etc. to keep their costs down and profits high I too can see these androids replacing sales reps in many industries including our beloved timeshare.

    Not that it is going to happen tomorrow; but happen it shall.

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    I suppose the initial price tag and any ongoing maintenance expense will be a factor but in time I’m sure they’ll become cost effective and that will be when the robots take over just like they are already doing in many factory jobs.

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