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    If I started new today and had the same (2nd) sales manager I had when I first started I would have quit after the first couple weeks instead of a few months later.

    What an a-hole he was!

    At the same time he was a sexist he was also womanizing on a select basis including the single female tours we had and he was a racist, a bigot, an Anti-Semitic (and the developer was of that faith) and a big time control freak that ran a love line and would starve any of us out for any reasons whatsoever including not kissing his you know what each and every day.

    He was a card carrying p_ _ _k and he was also sadistic bastard and I heard he eventually did several years of hard-time in State Prison.

    I liked the developer, loved the ocean front project and the timeshare owners use plans too; but left only because of that lousy sales manger.

    I often think had it not been for him I would have stayed there for many years making lots of money for me and the developer because the commissions and especially the spiffs and benefits were great.

    A couple years after I left I went on vacation to Puerto Vallarta and while there for a couple weeks checking things out I ran into all the top producers from where I use to work and they too eventually left for the very same reasons I did and they were doing very well in PV making tons of money and having the time of their lives.

    I stayed and did too!

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    The problem with this:

    I would calculate how much more revenue I generate the developer than most of my peers touring the same number and qualifications of sales guests as MOI; and then, in time, I would negotiate a more equitable commission and bonus structure reflecting my company loyalty, talent, expertise, effort and results.

    Its been my experience that the developers’ position is that you are writing more volume so you’re making more money than others so they see no need to offer more points.

    Years ago, and maybe some places today you could get a ride on the room but that was usually a chump change percentage in the 1/4% range.

    But I do agree that if you are a top producer you should at least ask; because if you don’t ask you’ll never know.

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    IMO most of the rooms have younger sales staffs and they are mostly having to much fun to think long term. Especially the ones making the good bucks.

    And they mostly think it will last forever and that is especially true of those who’ve only been selling for a few years.

    As for me, if I had to take a second run at it I would do what I’ve done. Only sell front to back for a decent developer who paid no less than 12 points; plus bonus.

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    I started at the same time a good pal of mine did.

    In fact he talked me in to it but within a year he left to go sell insurance for one of the major players; I thought he was nuts.

    Didn’t see or hear from him for many years and one early morning when I rolled out of bed I happened to turn on the radio (stereo) and tuned into what I thought was a early morning talk show.

    It turned out it was my old buddy who had a 30 minute radio program about insurance.

    So I called him up later that day and we got together and as it turned out he wasn’t so nuts after all.

    I found out every time he sold a policy over those years he was building up residual income because every year when his policy holders renewed he’d earn a commission on the renewals and by the time we met up again he was living on easy street.

    Residual income, being vested and generating a future of passive income is something I had never thought about so if I had to do it all over again I would go that route.

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    As you said it is the best gig around and I love it!

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    I’m with Mary on this; its a blast, the money is great, the hours are short and I work with a great bunch of people.

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