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    Right on about pressure.

    We’ve all seen it a zillion times. By the time we show the dollars they are sold and want what we are selling.

    We do a great job selling; and that is part of the problem.

    But only for the tours that don’t vacation regularly but like the idea. Their subjective thinking takes over and then they purchase a timeshare thinking they will finally have the chance to start traveling and live the lifestyle; but never or rarely do vacation after becoming owners.

    Then, sometime later, they bitch to everyone they can about us evil high pressure timeshare reps who twisted their arms and forced them to pull out their credit cards against their free will and purchase their vacations.

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    Give him hell Scoop!

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    And that is where the so called “pressure” originates: Lack of affordability.

    Yep. When we showed the numbers and they could be a TS owner or member for a few bucks THEY’D ALL LAY-DOWN!

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    Don’t ya just love the biz? Mike and (et al) is right. Its always the bucks that people moan about.

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    All of this leaves me to wonder that since Dave can be that wrong dispensing his timeshare advice, insights and wisdom, then how wrong is he about his other opinions regarding financial matters etc.?

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    I suspect that Mr. Ramsey has never owned a timeshare, nor does he pay out of pocket when going on vacation.

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