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    I kid you not; the best money I ever made was with a M/C that had a S/M contract with a developer and because the M/C’s budget was tight and we needed to produce high numbers etc. right after the M/G, W/U and survey was complete we, by order from upstairs, went one step further and weeded out those that shouldn’t be going on tour in the first place.

    At first the street OPC’s moaned like there was no tomorrow but because they got a good pop on sales and because we nearly tripled our volume and stats they, like all of us, were very happy.

    The season went by and then some how (I only know rumors) the M/C lost the contract with the developer and a new M/C came in and ruined everything.

    It was back to business as usual (haul anything) and sales and stats dropped like a rock.

    So the new M/C started flooding the room with more tours in order to make up the volume – but never did – and I left!

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    They don’t care.

    They have been doing the same routine forever and with few exceptions most will maintain the status marketing and sales quo.

    And that is a shame because we’d all make so much more if they did as you suggest.

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    I wonder, because of the normal tour flow, how many HNWI sales have been blown?

    Especially when they land in a room playing loud music and most of the reps are buzzing around dressed flashy instead of being dressed to impress and not conducting themselves in a business like manner.

    And I also wonder when the HNWI’s are sold a deal, what is the average size? I’m suspecting its not as big as the deals should be.

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