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    With all due respect, you could count the number of front-to-back Reps actually earning–not just writing–a quarter of a million dollars a year on the fingers of both hands (and maybe a foot).

    And those Reps would be plugged firmly into a tightly controlled “Love Line”, those customers “re-loading” from a option given at the time of the original sale or those customers calling in or visiting the Resort and already expressing a desire to buy more time.

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    Sounds like your glass is half empty Van The Man.

    I’m on my way to being one of those “fingers” and “toes”; though in 2014 I only earned $146,750.

    Of course I’m not selling to fly/buy or drive/buys; and never would (again)!

    Strictly on-site is my ticket and at a resort here in the beautiful Cabo San Lucas area.

    Most our tours, whether Street or I/H have money and spent thousands just to get here.

    I will say working up in the US at some unattractive land-locked off-site sales room in dreary office building would probably make it almost impossible to earn upwards of a 1/4 million in commissions.

    But on-site and in places like here, Cancun, PV, throughout the Caribbean and the Hawaiian Islands there are a lot of us Closers and Front To Backers earning a damn good living to be sure.

    Viva Mexico!

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    Get a grip people.

    Its’ the top 20% that write 80% of the business who make the real money!

    And in the right room w/o a LL and with high tour income qualifications and where closers get 2 or 3 shots every day; it gets even better!

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    Not sure I’m believing some of these numbers.

    My CR average is 22-23%.

    My average deal is $8,900 but we have low income UPS so rarely do we get the shot at the big ticket deal.

    I too, take them from cradle to grave and get 10 decent shots a week, paid 11% (no spiffs) and make a $100-G a year.

    I’m happy.

    No cold calling or driving hundreds of miles each week for in-home sales (which I tried a years ago and hated going into people houses); or standing on a car lot!

    Timeshare has been very good to me; thank you very much!

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