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    This article sounds very promising, unfortunately recently I have had a terrible experience with the Iberostar group, since the RCI name is attached, the experience also goes along with RCI. After a 4 hour sales pitch, and the taking of my passports , I was required to sign documentation that I did not agree to just so I could retrieve my passports. I am highly disgusted with the Iberostar group and their sales tactics, I was so excited about the resort and had nothing but great things to say about it until I had my experience with the Iberostar club. $17,000 in debt and I can’t afford to go on trips for the next five years because I will be paying off a debt to Iberostar and not being able to spend money on vacation. They definitely used bait and switch , and when that tactic started failing and I wanted to leave they decided to just result to bullying and threats. I am disgusted that anyone would want to be affiliated with such an organization and would high suggest anyone to stay far away from this company.

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