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    This characterization ARDA’s annual “Gee Whiz Shebang” by Scoop could be thought by some to be possessing insufficient reverence.

    ARDA, the organization incorrectly thought by some as nothing more than a shill for Developers, being solidly invested in the status quo, as making money selling carefully crafted plaques touting what’s thought to be its completely ineffective and laughably vacuous “Code Of Ethics”, as having completely missed and avoided dealing with the upcoming–then and still exploding–Billion Dollar Resale Market, and as a case study and prime example of a back-slapping, glad-handing, award giving, self-congratulatory hive of activity over accomplishment.

    That notwithstanding, ARDA is also thought by some to be heavily addicted to the sycophantic, insincere but mandatory career-protecting air-kissing praise that has been heaped upon it and greased its wheels over the years.

    I disagree.

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    I thought this week’s Scoop was a hoot until I read VTM’s comment – and that was hilarious!

    I hear next year the love-in will be in Florida (again).

    Gee, I can barely hold my breath in anticipation.

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    Caught the red-eye out of Orlando and when I got home around 11:00 A.M. I was pretty beat so I did a couple lines, had a few tokes, slammed down a couple shots of tequila with beer chaser’s and as I kicked back on the couch and turned on my 90 inch HD screened TV with stereo surround I found myself wondering what the f..k was that all about?

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    This was my 2nd ARDA.

    I enjoyed this one more than the last one and I’l be going again to be sure.



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    Top Gun

    Didn’t Jack The Ripper hold a meeting?

    Probably to busy over at GEO slashing the newlywed and nearly dead UPS!

    Talk about blood-money

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    A ticker tape parade it was not.

    I would like to think there would be more ceremonies or tributes honoring those of us who carry the responsibility and burden of selling billions of dollars each year but alas, that was not to be.

    This was my first (and last) convention.

    I will freely admit that I went with the sole purpose of seeking a new opportunity and I spent a few thousand to do so.

    But when I went around and introduced myself and it was discovered that I was merely a top performing sales person you could sense both the distain and confusion as to why I had the unmitigated gall to be there in the first place.

    Pretty amazing!

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    Fire Marshall Bill

    So about 10 minutes into the “Regulatory Complaints” Session – The conversation began to get so hot and contentious that the fire alarm went off and the rooms were evacuated…(I’m Not Joking) it truly went off for two minutes. None of the attorneys seemed interested in going back into the room after some “alarming” comments from the Asst. Florida AG who focussed on discussing developer complaints about “High-Pressure” Sales Tactics. I guess we know what to do when a meeting gets too hot to handle….Call Fire Marshall Bill

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    “High Pressure”?

    I find it comical that most any government employee knows anything about ‘pressure’; in this instance, the “Asst. Florida AG”.

    Most government employees NEVER have to worry about a paycheck; and they can’t get fired on the spot – if at all.

    Most have 10 – 20 paid sick leave days (off) each year – have all weekends off – have either 2 or 4 weeks paid vacation time off from work each year – have full medical coverage, benefits and a retirement plan and somewhere around 12 to 14 paid Federal/State holidays off from work each year.

    And most only work 7 hours M-F with a 30 or 60 minute lunch break; and one early morning 15 minute break and one afternoon 15 minute break.

    And if you crunch those numbers in a calendar year the last thing are doing about 150 days is NOT working.

    Maybe that is why what we do, how we work etc. to them, is pressure!

    Poor babies!


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    Years ago a Gov gig for the average Jane or Joe was a low paying deal.

    But they went and got all unionized and that is why today they’re making a pretty good living with all the perks and little stress.

    In NV the gal that is head of the HR for hiring state employees has an annual salary of something like $200-K plus, plus and plus.

    Some Gov departments (Fed, State, County, City) publish what Gov employees earn.

    If you want a wake up call on that do a little digging (google).

    You’ll be amazed to discover what they are earning from the low stress, low end gigs to the high end profiles with some Police Chiefs making up to 1/2 Million Dollars annually plus, plus and plus……

    Gov is getting bigger as are the perks and salaries.

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    We make more if we’re not working love lines, low income qualifications, to young and to old sales guests and especially if we go front to back.

    TS sales is the best deal around and the big players all offer full benefits, retirement plans and lot’s of extra stuff.

    As my fried said recently; “I can’t stand the boss and I’d quit but when I go in every two weeks and pick up a check for $4-$5,000 big ones I just can’t bring myself around to doing it. Especially sense I’m fed my UPS, only work a 36 hour week and I take off 4 weeks every year”.

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    The only pressure during a presentation comes from those sales guests that see something they want but can’t afford.

    The UPS that don’t want and can’t use feel no pressure. They just keep saying no, get their gifts and on the way they go.

    That is what ARDA and the developers need to tell the Florida AG and other agencies; but of course nobody at ARDA or most developers’ ever sold a week in their lives so they don’t get it!

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    Wally is absolutely correct.

    I use to sell flawless brilliant round cut GIA certified D, E, or F 1 carat. and above investment grade diamonds.

    Like TS we’d offer select people a premium to come to our office for a seminar and then let them preview the diamonds under a Gem Microscope.

    Most absolutely loved what they saw and wanted to buy. Especially a lot of the women because they could, though not recommended, actually have their investments set in gold and wear them.

    Then came the price, and that is where the so call pressure came into play.

    And often the husband’s would squirm because we had our own in-house financing so we could make buying affordable if they didn’t have the cash.

    So it doesn’t matter. High end Diamonds, Cars, Boats, RV’s, TS’s and so on. Who’d turn those down if they were free? LOL

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