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    a rooms vpg is like having a blood pressure test except the lower the numbers the worst the rooms health.

    25 q’s a day is about 760 ups a month.

    a $1,500 vpg get’s ya $1.14 mill volume

    a $2,300 vpg turns in $1.74 mill from the same tour flow

    a $3,000 vpg bumps it up to $2.28 mill

    a $3,500 vpg rolls in $2.66 mill from the same head count.

    any room below $2,300 is ill. any room below $1,800 is really sick. any room near, at or below $1,500 is terminally ill, on life support and has one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel.

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    I am a TO. I am the one that writes all my deals. There is no I in the word room, sales center, sales manager, developer, ceo, company or team. There is an I in the word liner but most liners are weak and I have to heat up their pitch to write all my deals.

    I don’t care what my room, what other rooms or what anyone else anywhere writes or does not write.

    I write 28% of the tables I hit. My average deal is $12.5-K; my VPG is always over $3-K so I weep not!

    I churn and burn baby! I spin to win!

    Yesterday I wrote a 26 pounder and I made a fat juicy commission!

    This is a brutal business.

    I survive because only the strong can make it and as long as I get my cut I have no problem’s!

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    Not only is there an I in MOI there are two I’s in Idiot!

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    If not for the “dregs of society” we’d sell and perform much better.

    Think about it!

    We hire just about anyone; hire them in masses, barely train them, then fire them and repeat the cycle over and over.

    We haul just about anyone. 24 years old and single all the way up to 75 year old childless surviving spouses in poor health

    We don’t care if they can buy: Some developers don’t require the tours to have a credit card to be on tour, some developers accept secured credit cards and debit cards to be a Q or just have a check book, some developers have no income requirements and others have the low threshold of a gross $40,000 annual household family income.

    We promote some of the worst. Sooner or later the gluttonous. lustful and dictatorial Napoleonic complex types get a shot at management.

    Most liners still do a basic T pitch. They are not selling.

    Like “MOI” most TO’s spin to win. They get to a table, prejudge and within minutes if they don’t like what they see they are out of there and on to the next table.

    If the Devil is in the details; there you have it!

    Over and out!

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    It was asked about developers:

    then why would they not do a little tweaking to increase their sales centers’ net YTD CRs as well as their VPGs?

    That is easy. The sales manager and team has to hit the numbers (VPG/APG).

    Whatever that number is for each developer; once they reach the numbers the developers make bank and that is all that matters!

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    Why not have commissions tied to the VPG for each sales person?

    Low VPG, low commission (points) earned and paid.

    Medium VPG, medium commission (points) earned and paid.

    Higher VPG, high commission (points) earned, paid and extra Spiff’s.

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