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    Not sure I agree with everything said but I do know there is a lot of waste and excess that could be trimmed down.

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    Come on Scoop. Are you trying to imply there are lunatics amongst the ranks running things like a typical shell game?

    Well, I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you!

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    I’d like to see you prove this; because if that can be done any developer would be totally insane not to jump on the band wagon! So prove it Scoop!

    For example, the new independents could have a sales guest cost as low as $75.00! That’s right, under $100 to have a qualified sales prospect in 2015 who would be more than willing to sit through a sales presentation, listen to the company ‘rep’ sell the timeshare owner/membership merits of their vacation ‘plan’ – and each sales guest will agree prior to the presentation that they’ll make a yes or no decision at the conclusion of the presentation.

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    On the all cash buyers. I agree because I sell more a/c deals than the notes.

    If I can’t get it all on the tables I give everyone a 15 or 30 cash out option with a modest discount and I know they’re doing it because I get paid extra points every time they do and I bank the bonus commissions in a separate bank account and it is really adding up to a sizable chunk of change.

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    All I know is this year has started out to be the best I’ve had in a long time!

    We Rock!

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    Top Dog

    I’m seeing the same thing. I’m closing more deals and at higher prices.

    2015 will be a banner year!

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