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    I thought Memorial Day was all about buying a Mattress at 50% off! (LOL)

    As a Navy Vet; I want to give a salute out to all the other Vets from all the Branches as well as those standing tall in uniform today.

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    I, too, am a combat Vet. And memorial day is only one of the many days each year that I think about all the fallen (and wounded).

    Those who’ve been to war and fought it hate it. Those who’ve never been usually want to start one; and neither they or their children will fight any of the battles.

    May God Bless all who paid the ultimate price!

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    It is true that such a small percentage have ever defended the nation.

    I checked several sources and was stunned to have learned that during our Revolutionary War the population of the Colonies was estimated to be 2,500,000 and those that died during the war was 1% or 25,000.

    The majority did not die during battles and instead died from diseases they caught like smallpox during their service.

    And this next tidbit is also interesting.

    Paul Revere did make that ride as did other men but there was a 16 year girl by the name of Sybil Ludington who rode her horse twice the distance that Paul rode and on April 26th 1777 she rode all night long warning the militia that the Brits were burning towns and making their way towards them etc.

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