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    I know what it is but I want to know what the SPIFF is going to be before I tell all!

    Ya can keep the Kudos and I already know how bright I am so step up and let us know about the SPIFF!


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      Karl, I want both…and because I’m a nice person, I’ll split them with you!

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    I’m fairly certain I know what ‘it’ is because while I was working for various developers, I never received ‘it.’

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    I don’t know what “it” is – but by God – I want and demand “it” right now!

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    Is “it” an annual Bonus?

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    Is “it” job security and we can’t get fired without cause?

    Is “it” a severance package when we leave and excluding doing something illegal we receive that package within 2 weeks after we’re gone?

    Or, maybe, after 5, 10 or 20 years it’s a big fat juicy all-cash bonus with a slap on the back and an Atta-Boy’?

    Did I Win? Send the spiff to Jamar @ #1 Loony Lane, Happy Town, USA 666-666

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    Anyone on our line that maintains a YTD CR exceeding 30% is paid a Christmas bonus each Dec equal to 5 % on their annual sales volume.

    Last year I held at 32.5% CR and my average deal was $18,750 and I closed 3-4 deals weekly except the two weeks I took off for my paid vacation time.

    The boss tells us that there is plenty of extra bonus money to go around for all the top performers and he says “the more bonus I pay out the more money I make”!

    As long as I get a huge bonus each year at Xmas like last year and the year before then I’m staying right were I’m at and I don’t care what “it” turns out to be!


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    “It “ is a bonus at the end of each month.

    “It “ is $250 cash for each NQ we’re forced to haul.

    Each month when we tour more than 4 NQ’s the bonus goes to $750 and “it” is retroactive.

    Now that’s what I’m talking about when it comes to “it”!

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