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    You’ve heard in business the saying “the market will decide”?

    Accommodation options have been changing for years know and vacationers can get the timeshare lifestyle without the commitment.

    I know of one deal where they are now selling a 5 year program with full benefits including exchanging through II.

    Who knows what it will be like 10 + years from now!

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    Frank is right and we all need to make hay while the sun shines.

    This is one ride that I don’t believe will last forever; and none of us will either so make it happen now!

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    I have friends that I chat with who are now Expats and they keep saying I should join them them in the D.R.

    They’re making money but that is all.

    They have no benefits of any kind and it seems to me they are spinning their wheels.

    They party all the time and some go fishing a lot; but there is more to life.

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