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    “And you can rest assured that there are millions upon millions more workers in the USA who hope and/or pray for a raise to $25 per hour instead of their current hourly wage of (e.g.) $21, $17, $14, $11 or $8.

    Yeah, and there countless Developers who still allow tours who can’t afford the program to flat-out waste the time of salespeople in spite of that immutable fact.

    The problem is that salespeople are free labor: haul the “courtesy tour” so you can also ‘hope and pray’ for a deal–and ‘hope and pray’ they don’t kick when they come out of the ether and realize what they’ve committed to.

    Developers: Some are good–and way too many are the bain of the Industry. It’s the old story. You can’t live with ’em–and you can’t live without ’em.

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    Scooby Doo

    I would say rather, “Developers: You can’t live with ’em – and you can’t shoot ’em”.

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      Now that brings up a good idea. How about you and I be the 2 members of a 2 person committee?

      You and I will decide who gets to stay–and who must go. No “appeal”– except for the appeal of doing it.

      For legal reasons, I hereby declare my suggestion is clearly meant as a joke and nothing more.

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    Yeah, and there countless Developers who still allow tours who can’t afford the program to flat-out waste the time of salespeople in spite of that immutable fact.

    It’s called room-fill people! And the house always wins! Deal with it!

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    I thought on it and when you really look at what $75 can buy it is pretty amazing.

    These are some examples of thousands of possibilities.

    At an average cost:

    Eating at a restaurant: $12.74 per meal

    Fill up the tank at: 12 gallon tank $3.30 per gallon: $39.60

    Pair of men’s sneakers: $68.80

    Pair of women’s shoes: $50.00

    Bride/Groom gift: $79.00

    Movie Tickets for two adults: $16.00 ($8 each)

    Spent at a bar, Saturday night: $50.00

    Per tooth, the tooth Fairy leaves: $4.00

    75 Items at the $1 Stores

    A sports coat: $60.00

    Pair of jeans: $50.00

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    Room fill is just another way of saying; toss it against the wall and see what sticks.

    It also represents poor management decisions, poor marketing tactics and a huge waste of those dollars.

    True, the house does always win; but they lose more than they earn with their room fill approach.

    Just imagine the sales volume if the majority of all tours could actually afford and use a timeshare plan.

    Do ya like it – if ya had it would ya use it – if it is comfortably affordable do ya want it?

    TS 1.0

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    Sounds like there is some good Peso’s to be made in Mexico as an OPC!

    And I also hear OPC’s there double and triple dip (sell) the same tours to other resorts.

    A real shell game! Oh well, what goes around comes around!

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    Dan The Man

    I like the idea of paying cash as long as it is conditional.

    For the cash:

    1. You WILL be attending a full timeshare presentation!

    2. You WILL tour the entire resort!

    3. You WILL be honest at all times!

    4. You WILL determine if you see the value & like, can use and afford the vacationing plan you’ll be offered today based solely on its merits and though you are not required to purchase anything you WILL make a yes or no decision upon the conclusion of the sales presentation.

    5. You WILL, before accepting this invitation, agree that a quality vacationing lifestyle is important to you, your family and that you are more likely to preplan and budget your annual (or every other year) vacations and that doing so does not include camping or pitching a tent in the back yard, staying with relatives for free, or mooching someone else’s timeshare plan.

    Now sign here in blood Pal: __________________________________________

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    I’d get on board with those conditions Dan; and we’d all close more deals!

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    Do you mean Upton Sinclair?

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