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    Is the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty of water?

    An optimist would say 1/2 full. The pessimist says 1/2 empty.

    With the available volume within the glass being 100% then 1/2 full or 1/2 empty would be 50%.

    With a closing percentage between 15 and 25% it would be a real stretch for an optimist to say our water glass is 1/2 full; or empty.

    The developer would say: What’s the problem, I got all the water I need.

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    Very interesting article. I think we need to re-think on our products and give those 8.96 million potencial costumers some thing they really like.

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    Mike, you may know ts developers’ didn’t start out as hospitality companies but that is what many have become.

    They, are, in the hotel business though many don’t know that.

    So I agree that they need to offer a product the consumers really like and we have that product.

    But developers’ need to get rid of the “in perpetuity” angle and go with a fixed time frame like as 5, 10 or 15 years with options to renew.

    They (developers’) do so in in places like the Caribbean and Mexico.

    The developers’ are making buckets loads of money, they retain ownership of the property, they control the association, they collect all the annuals (and more) and the buyers love it as they have an out or can renew for more time and years when their first period expires.

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    Anyone remember the old PLG in Mexico?

    They are no longer around but when I worked there we had the best deal around.

    It was a 25 year deal. It was called the Sun Club and members could stay at any PLG resort in Mexico; destinations like PV, Cabo, Cancun, Cozumel and more, plus, of course RCI exchange benefits.

    Members also had unrestricted accelerated use rights; subject to availability, and they loved that perk!

    The AMF was tied to the USA CPI and members ate that up!

    We sold a fixed week with floating use rights and they loved that too because even though the members basically only had a RTU interest they felt, because of the fixed week(s) inventory, they owned something for those 25 years and guaranteed that fixed week each year at their home resort.

    It was a clean and simple deal and the prices were spot on, so were the closing costs as were that AMF’s.

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