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    Oh yeah baby, come on down to Lands End!

    The whales will be back soon!

    The beer is ice cold!

    The fish tacos are to die for!

    The tours are some of the best in the world!

    The fishing is outstanding!

    The lifestyle is kicked-backed!

    The party never stops!

    Been here five years and I’m never going back!

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    Sounds like life is great JC but you didn’t tell us who you work for?

    I just went through the RCI directory and there are many; but are they all selling?

    What is the average deal you are writing and what cut are you getting?

    I’ve heard closing costs are as much as $1-K; is that true and is it also true the closer gets a cut?

    Details JC; I can be packed in 90 minutes and I’m ready for a new adventure!

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    PV is where its’ at. People that vacation here love PV and when they buy they buy PV.

    Thanks Liz and Dick!

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    Vp is good. But cabo is where it’s at. Pack yer stuff and just go phone calls are for loosers

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    Then on the other hand,things on the mainland more abundant not to mention much more affordable

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