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    Shame on you Scoop.

    Your inauspicious rambling’s are once again aimed at destroying a finely tuned marketing and sales process.

    Your diabolical slant on annual income requirements is truly fiendish and your wicked thoughts are because you are absolutely possessed by demons.

    Your gibberish is likely a result that you were a failure in our magnificent industry!

    I suppose you’ll soon use your warped thinking and your unholy keyboard in a feeble attempt to sway your audience that a gross household annual income below $50,000 for a family with beautiful children is not enough to pay for and use one of our wonderful vacation plans.

    You disgust and sicken me with your twisted and convoluted thoughts!

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    I don’t know who “A.S.” is but another S would fit.

    A household with a family of size of 4 in D.C. with an annual income less than $24,250 is living in poverty. The same family and size in Alaska with an income below $30,320 are also working and living in poverty. In Hawaii its $27,890.

    Anyone working for a developer with a $40,000 income requirement; for a family of size of 8 their poverty level, national average, is $40,890.

    And they will be invited without so much as a question about the size of the family!

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    Don’t worry about it! Think of it this way. If it wasn’t for all the boneheads, the dimwits and the nitwits that manage most deals you never would have found an easier or lazier gig where all you have to do is show up, keep your mouth shut, haul your tours, pitch a little heat and make money. TS Sales Rocks!

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    Karl “TS Sales Rocks” is correct but you sound like a closer that works a love-line where the manager is your pal and you get to spin to win looking for the laydowns.

    Then, after you cream the room hitting 5 or 8 tables a day and find a low volume deal you prance around like you are some super star hot-shot when you are really the weakest link in the sales chain.

    You’d weep and die on the vine like a sun soaked rotten tomato in less than a week if you had to go front to back and only had two shots a day!

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    Do you know who preaches all the time that an up is an up and either you sell them or they sell you?

    The ones that live well off the efforts of the rest that have to take those tours.

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    I totally agree with Karl accept the pitching heat part.

    This is one of the best selling deals around.

    I love it, the people I work with (most of them) and helping families have a vacation plan each year is awesome!

    Some of you need to go door to door and sell vacuum cleaners or sit on a car lot earning a “mini” commission ($100 or $200) when you sell a $30,000 car!

    Go do that for awhile and you’ll run back here faster than you can imagine!

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    The tragedy is how many sales and commissions we lose every month because developers won’t even make that regional cost of living adjustment and penalize us for them being narrow-minded.

    Wake up and smell the coffee people!

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