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    Doom and gloom? The sky is falling? So you got lucky with one prediction 10 years ago.

    Big deal! Our industry is vibrant today.

    We are growing. Sales are increasing and I don’t care what, or if, you write about your delusional, humbug gobbledygook about some so called coming crisis.

    Get a life!

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    Be careful Anonymous because everything runs in cycles.

    Markets go up, they go down. Recessions come and they go. Some are regional, others worldwide, and others turn into down and dirty full press depressions.

    The U.S. National debt will soon be $20 Trillion; and the hacks in D.C. are clueless.

    Most people’s purchasing power and earning’s continue a 30 year decline.

    In business, what may be hot today will often be out tomorrow.

    The smart money is to always be prepared. Always do and hope for the best but never be one of those fools who gets caught in the cross fire of economic calamity and then moans and groans that they didn’t have a clue.

    Lock and load; and keep your powder dry!

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    People will always vacation before, during and after any economic down-turn.

    Our problem, at least one of them, is the rental competition from outside our industry.

    There are so many studio, one, two and three bedroom condo’s, homes, cabins, park models on the market today it is incredible. Many are 4 rent by owners and their rates are sweet.

    But for now all is well so take the tour, sell your little hearts out, close as many as you can and bank/invest your money wisely.

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    What your missing is the high cancellation rate and not teaching your people to be proactive.

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    Get properly trained, sell & close clean, and the kicks are near nonexistent.

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    With all the availability via a decent club,the only times that are difficult to reserve are special events. Even then,if you know your poop these times can be available

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