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    Well said Scoop. I’m a top closer and over the years I’ve only worked for 3 developers and in each situation it was the same.

    20% of us write the lions share of business.

    The rest are decent people but they either lack the skill, the training, the desire or attitude to be the best.

    Bottle those attributes and every developer can hit a home-run every time.

    GO CUBS!!!!!!!!

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    The quality of the tour is just as important.

    We’ve all had strings of many gold-ball tours in a row and then we’ve had the ones that don’t vacation, can’t afford to vacation and even if they do its’ a once in a life time event.

    So add the TQ (tour quality) to those “attributes”.

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    “In other words, operate like sales center ‘D’ and not like sales center ‘A’.” That kind of reminds me of the old saw that says if you want to be rich go watch poor people and don’t do what they do. LOL

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    How about we get paid for every low-income tour we’re force to take. Maybe $500 per UP.

    Watch how fast that would change the dynamics.

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    I like that $500 deal per for every low-income tour we take.

    On top of my regular commish I’d pick up an extra $78-K each year.

    Which, when I crunch the numbers, equals the commish I’m losing dealing with low-income UPS who can’t but anyway.

    I say, yes, let’s do it: $500 PER!

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    I don’t know where you people work but I earn a damn good living and live well showing up each day and closing the deals.

    Works fine for me!

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    Don’t blame the developers. If you choose to work with 25 and 75 year old sales guests that are ‘Q’s’ it’s your fault. If you take tours with $40-K annual incomes because they are a ‘Q’ too, it is your fault.

    If you work with tours that only need a check book with them while on tour (no credit card required) it is your fault. If you work a love line or liner call deal it is your fault.

    If you work where a 15% closing ratio is good enough to keep your job, that too is your fault.

    I’m a long time reader of ITG and when I’ve read some of the comments over the years (like the ones above) I’m very thankful for where I work and who I work for and I’m here for the duration.

    I was once where others are still today (working) and in those deals the winners are so few its’ maddening.

    So take responsibility and stop blaming developers because you signed on for their deal.

    Get a new gig, improve your odds to succeed, nip it in bud now or just stop crying.

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    Many of you don’t seem to understand how easy we have it.

    We show up to work on time, we get our tours for free, we sell, we close, we get paid.

    Try doing in home sales. Half the time either the husband or wife ain’t there for the presentation and when they both are home, they might be fighting or someone shows up unexpectedly or the phone rings and your presentation is interrupted.

    And often the screaming kids to deal with too.

    Oh, and by the way, when you walk into the home and they are expecting a really nice gift like that expensive camera the telemarketer told them about and instead you hand them a cheep knock-off that can be bought from the $1 store, for $1! Great first impression.

    Or, you can try standing on a new or used car lot in the dead heat of summer or bitter cold of the winter selling a $5,000, $10,000 or $30,000 car and being paid a “mini” (about $200 commission) because the lying dealer said they didn’t make any money on the deal.

    Or, try a phone room where they advertise “no cold calling” in their ad. Only “hot leads” they say. Only “live transfers”. BS! They use a predictive dialer and you wind up talking to 30, 40 or 50 people a day that have about as much use for what you are selling as does an 85 year old has buying a skateboard.

    We have it made in the shade my friends so like Steve said, stop your bitching!

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    AMEN RICK. Been there done that.

    Timeshare is the best, I love selling vacations and make good money doing so!

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