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    Every year the same industry reports or studies come out and they always say the average TS buyer earns about $80-G and with their other assets they too are both high income earners and net worth households.

    The marketing tail keeps wagging the selling dog (us) and they are paid hundreds of dollars per each low income, low net worth UP they cram in the door.

    Anyone from the sales manager and up could care less because their cut is from the total sales volume and they always get paid each and every payday without missing a heartbeat.

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    I just don’t believe it!

    My developer wants me to make money.

    That is why he is adamant that, in lieu of a credit card, each UP at least has a check book with them to be ‘q’d’ and to go on tour.

    Besides UPS with higher incomes have an attitude that I don’t like.

    They think they are something special and better than me just because they own a home, have several credit cards, have two or three cars, maybe a boat, an RV, investments, CD’s and passive incomes.

    When i get those UPS I know its a waste of my time so you all can have them.


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    Carl reminds me of a sales manager I once had.

    One day I was called to the mat for not closing an elderly couple in their early 70’s.

    I tried to explain they had financial issues, use situations and health concerns.

    My SM, Bob, said I was a weak piss and then went on to tell me how he once sold an old man in his mid 70’s who bought one week each for his 5 grandchildren and blah blah blah….

    When he finished I said “I see, really old tours are good shots! Say, that gives me an idea Bob. Why don’t you go to the developer and tell him you want to have your crack marketing reps visit some convalescent hospitals in the area that care for old people and book them to tour. I’m sure he’ll go for it!”

    He glared at me but before he opened his mouth I told him to take his tours and put them where the sun don’t shine and I turned around and bolted.

    To this day they still take 75 year olds with low income requirements.

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    No to the 24-30 year olds.

    No to the over 65 year olds.

    No to incomes below $65,000.

    I have more but I’ll stop for now.

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    $40,000 is a daily gross cash flow of $109.59.

    After Federal, State and other deductions (about 35%) that drops to $71.24.

    Deduct fixed and mandatory monthly housing payments, utilities, groceries, car payments, insurance, gas, cphone, internet and cable TV payments plus household expenses, clothing and shoes, child care costs, personal care products and then maybe take the family to the movies once a month, go to a fast food restaurant now and then for some fine dining and maybe squeeze in a family outing at the local bowling alley and after all that hopefully drop a couple bucks into a saving’s account and the kids college fund (LMAO) each month and before you know it this luck family can afford and will want to buy a timeshare.

    Conclusion: The well paid loonies continue to run the asylum!

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    Vegas Baby; The House Always Wins!

    Live with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You are right that the house always wins; but what you (and they) don’t get is we all lose more than we could generate!

    Clean up the marketing and we all win big time!

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