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    I am reminded of the Woody Allen quote in the movie “Annie Hall” – “Excuse me – I’ve got to get back to Earth now….”

    Sure – the world is different now, from 50 years ago. And it will be different in another 20 years. Just look at a 2 year old manipulating an I-phone. But people will be vacationing in 20 years. Not everybody. Just those who can afford it. And, if the “Land of Time” is going to grow and prosper, it needs to find the right people with the right interest and the right income – and – tell the right story.

    What I see on the internet is a story of manipulation and betrayal of the general public. I will reference your recent article on Festiva. Or maybe the many resale boiler rooms. Or the stories on the many complaint sites. And, of course, the Mexican timeshare sales traps.

    The “Land of Time” will do well if it develops a resale market for those that are done, an exit plan for those whose circumstances have changed, AND an incorporation of the salesman’s statements into the written contract. What are the chances of that happening?

    I would proposition that the biggest threat to the “Land of Time” is the information that is available on the internet. The industry can’t just refer clients to their “written contract.” Word gets out. IMHO.

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    And I’m reminded that it is said that “you can not predict the future”; but I say, sure you can, sometimes.

    One of my predictions is that the “Land of Time”, as we know it today, will be forever gone not to many more years down the road.

    Why? Because the vacation accommodations rental market is unlike it was 50, 40, 30 or 20 years ago.

    Take for example AIRBNB or HomeAway where we can rent really nice fully furnished accommodations with all the amenities and at all the hot locations/regions like Hawaii…

    And then there are all those extended stay properties popping up everywhere; and so much more.

    The market (along with other issues) is also forcing some developers to offer a short term product such as a 5 or 10 year vacation plan and then when that time is up, the member is out (financially).

    Anyway, it is true that 20 years from now, like John said; those that can afford to vacation will vacation – but I’m not convinced they still be signing on the dotted line for a vacation plan in perpetuity that will cost them, in time, hundreds of thousands of dollars or EUROS, Pesos, Yen…..

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    The technology exists today that a Kiosk could be used to OPC.

    Of course it would have to be programmed properly to be effective; and just think, so cost per tour, no sick days, no hang-over days, no complaints, no bitching, no fighting, do drugs or drinking and no pitch heat to get ’em in the door.

    I’m all for it; until they come for my “gig” (LMAO)

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    Fresh off the press; a must read for anyone in doubt.


    “…The Forum of World Economic has conveyed in Davos, a resort in the Swiss Alps, last week and it came to the conclusion that killer robots are a real threat for humankind. The world leading authorities in economics, technology and science, and also famous billionaires have gathered in the Swiss Alps to discuss the future of technology and science and the perspectives turned out to be rather grim…”

    “…The problem with this is not only that humans will lose their jobs to robots, but that their number would grow alarmingly and a war could be triggered by something as simple as a faulty update in their software, or a poorly written program line…”

    Read it all here: http://www.apextribune.com/killer-robots-are-a-real-threat/214657/

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    Most people don’t care because most live in the NOW.

    They may have some future goals like taking a vacation or little Bobby’s upcoming school play but for the most part most people act like they’ll live forever and that they have nothing but time on their side.

    Today is my D/O and I watched a TV program about these human like robots that are in production. And I learned that the space station has a robot on it and that NASA is developing robots for future space travel.

    It’s all wild and crazy and I for one wouldn’t want to be in the job market 20 years from now.

    So make hay while the sun shines and before the party is over.

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